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earthy: (173)
[personal profile] earthy
[It takes Terra a little while to report to the network. He knows he needs to — he can't just keep this information to himself — but he's not really eager to talk about what happened.

He finally just forces himself to sit down and turn on the device.]

... Hello. I'm Terra. I've never put up one of these messages before. If I do something wrong, let me know.

[With a deep, steadying breath, he gets on with it.]

I tracked down another one of the... 'M' people. She told me a couple things that I think might be important.

Uh... For starters, this 'M' group is apparently pretty big. She claimed my catching her wasn't going to stop anything, that there are too many of them... out there somewhere, I guess, carrying on doing whatever it is they're trying to do. Maybe she was just bluffing. Or maybe we're going to be dealing with these people for a while...

Anyway, then she went on to mention their leader. 'The guy at the top of all this.' I thought it was that Shady Man... S-8, but no, it's someone else. She didn't know his name. Said he's really into birds, though? And that he looks like a... normal person.

She told me that this leader has a hideout but that it moves around a lot. Moves around constantly... is what she said. It was in the Theatre District here in Olympia last, but she was sure it had already been moved again...

[He trails off at that and keeps quiet a moment.]

That's about it. All she would tell me.

[Another pause, this one a bit longer than the last.]

Her name was Gnome.
unpromising: (058)
[personal profile] unpromising
Hey. My name's Qrow.

[ A familiar greeting, not that anybody is familiar with him! His voice is gruff and tired, but that's his everyday voice. ]

That guy everyone's been chasing after is dead. [ A slight pause, and in a softer tone: ] Killed himself.

He gave some details to the cure, though. Said that we need a plant called the Oshai Leaf for it, and it can only be found in Wyver.

Wyver's been hit with the same disease, too. No idea what the situation's like there, but they can't find the cure for it either. Another ingredient for the cure can only be found here.

That's all I know. If you've got questions, ask. I'll try to answer 'em.

[ The sound of liquid hitting metal can be heard, but that's just him moving his flask closer to his mouth. ]
enarms: (pic#11699474)
[personal profile] enarms
[ another day, another video feed. brothel Doctor John Watson, back at it again with the getting all up in your medical business. straight in, this time, with the bustling noise and warm light of a busy Sanctuary as a backdrop to what he's got to say. ]

If you're feeling run down or you find yourself getting sick over the next couple of days, please get in touch with staff at the Sanctuary— especially if you were at the site of the attack or have been in close contact with someone else who's caught something. Now isn't the time to be stubborn about it, we don't know what this is yet. If you're feeling rough, come in. It's well staffed, the easiest place to keep you monitored and comfortable, and the first place medicines will be delivered to when they're ready. We could also do without you infecting anyone else.

[ this is the one and only time he's ever going to advocate otherwise healthy people clogging up medical resources for flu symptoms, but this is not only the result of biological weaponry but biological weaponry from a world none of them originate from and he's not here for underestimating the potential results.

also because he literally JUST made a post about how some people aren't going to want to have to attend the Sanctuary, and there may be people on that wanted list who are struggling and not in a position to go the conventional route in looking for help... he takes a second to make sure of the wording in his head, and then: ]

If that isn't an option for you, you can get in touch with me at this contact address. Likewise if you find yourselves stuck in an unrelated medical emergency.

If you'd rather not contact me, I'll attach a list of refugees who may be able to help as a response to this post.

Look after yourselves. Don't be heroes.

[ and he's out ]

j.watson: medical contacts

( ooc: the list is currently comprised of characters who responded to John's last post indicating interest in offering medical help in an emergency but it's fully editable! if you've got a healer-type character who would want to be contactable in this capacity, feel free to add their name and contact. equally, if you'd rather people don't contact your character for this plot but they're on the list, just take them off or give me a shout and I'll do that for ya. thanks! )
ebeje: (you are not worthless)
[personal profile] ebeje
Good evening.

[ The feed clicks to life to a modestly dressed (that is, modest in means, not necklines) but well-kept young woman, seated in the likely familiar mid-level chaos of refugee housing. The walls are not well-painted, and the quarters a bit close, but it's what they're all dealing with, or have recently, and Max is no exception. ]

Like the rest of you, I am finding myself starting over in this place — finding work, building a life. Given the nature of our presence here, displaced from our homes and our histories, it seems the only base of support many of us may have is each other.

So I wondered if those of you who have found your feet might share — what work have you found yourselves suited to here? How are you making your way in this world? Or how do you plan to, if those plans have not yet come to fruition?

And how does that compare to your ambitions? Is the position your hold now everything you had hoped for, [ unlikely, her tone suggests, but feel free to surprise her, ] or is there more that you would seek to accomplish? Perhaps there are others here who could lend their aid, or whose ambitions might align with your own.

[ Perhaps Max can help. c: ]

[[ ooc: housemates, feel free to action spam if u like! ]]
tummyflowers: (Nice job)
[personal profile] tummyflowers
[On the feed appears a man! No, not a man, a king. And his username is real_life_actual_king, since that's kind of important. Although often an informal unit, Richard is decked out in the standard issue armor and helmet of the Royal Guard. It's polished to perfection. He clears his throat.]

Hello all, it's me. I'm Kind Richard with the disclaimer that the name is intentionally ironic. I've just returned from the beach, which was just fantastic. I had a great time, all around. Never did get to see that fighting pit I kept hearing about, but a really good time altogether. And how about that train, am I right? Talk about posh.

Anyway, I wanted to give people a bit of a heads up. I'm with the Royal Guard and by now, kind of a venerated veteran of sorts, I wanted to let people know that we are still recruiting. Mind you, I'm not doing the recruiting! This is more of an information awareness announcement, since you'll have to speak directly to the Commander. A tad inefficient on her part, I'll grant you, but delegation is not her strongest suit. But you tell them that your old pal Rick sent you and you'll be well on your way to making this city a better, safer place to live. Also, you'll get paid for it, so that's a nice little bonus as well. Once you're in, you can have a talk with me. I run the armory, so I'll get you hooked up with the same kind of trendy fashion you see on display right now.

Now, unrelated to this whole business of being a guard, I wanted to open the floor to people who may have had experiences like I have had. If you've recently loss your kingdom and seat of power and been reduced to living the life of a meaningless and inconsequential peasant, then you're talking to someone who's been there. It's not easy, believe me. I've gone through a number of musical numbers just trying to cope with it. But if you need someone to talk to, then I'm there for you. You don't have to suffer alone anymore.

I think that's about it. Now, how the hell do I stop this from recording? Is this it?

Ah, good. That was easier than I thought. I think I did pretty well with the whole psycho-therapeutic mentoring thing there at the end, eh Tad Cooper? Really inspired some hope in those poor hopeless sods. Hm? The light's still on? Oh hell.

Maybe if I just... and then... okay, I'll just-!

[And like that, the message ends. Finally.]
enarms: (pic#11699515)
[personal profile] enarms
Hi all. John Watson.

I'm with the original batch of refugees and there's a lot of you I haven't met - a lot I probably never will. [ at this point, with everything so permanently Wild, why not be blase about being Batch Number 1? ] As a doctor, I'd like to reassure and remind you that if the medical methods on offer here make you uncomfortable, there are alternatives. There are plenty of medical professionals from various backgrounds among us, so I encourage you to ask around if you need to. Don't feel like the Sanctuary's your only option - although from what I understand a lot of us do work there now, so it's also a safe place to go even if you are wary.

On that note, I'm putting together a list— yeah, I know we all hate the L word, don't panic —of people who are either medically trained or capable of healing magic. If you fit into that, anywhere from an ability to deliver first aid to, I don't know-- magical liposuction. [ this is a thing he regrets saying as soon as it's said, the immediate frown of "??? why the fuck" appears on his face literally immediately before being smoothed forcibly away ] Get in touch. I'll need to know a few basics. Skillset, medical background, level of expertise, whether or not you're comfortable to be contacted by fellow refugees, whether or not you're comfortable to be contacted to help in an emergency. You don't need to fire it all at me in one go unless you want to, we'll have a chat. Feel free to reply privately, that's fine. Replying doesn't immediately put you on a public database, I won't be handing out your name to anybody without your permission. Thanks.

[ aaaaand with a brief pause to consider if there's anything else to add, a small hand-lift of a wave to the camera when he decides there isn't, it's John out ]

( ooc: please input your medically trained/magical healer/therapist/etc character's info into this spreadsheet if you're interested in having your character contacted for medical shenanigans! It's fine to respond to the spreadsheet without replying to this post, but ICly your character will have needed to make themselves known to John somehow to end up on this list, so we can handwave it (default, no contact necessary) or you can get in touch to work out the details! )
twofates: (☯ 55)
[personal profile] twofates
What does it mean to love someone? How are you supposed to feel?

[ Hi, everyone. Have an awkward, developmentally-stunted dude who asks weird questions with no preamble. It's a heavy topic most people would probably prefer to discuss with close friends and family, not someone they've never met, but Roman doesn't think like that. It doesn't occur to him that some topics may not be appropriate to post on a network like this with relative strangers.

It doesn't occur to him that some people probably can't relate, or wouldn't care about this kind of inner turmoil. There are plenty of other things to worry about here, too, but these thoughts take precedence to him. Surviving in a strange new world is, to him, almost preferable to the struggles within, those of the heart and soul. ]

Some people don't deserve it, do they?
nineteenfortyfive: (REMEDY)
[personal profile] nineteenfortyfive
[Here is one disgruntled English lady. You might have seen various shades of this annoyance after the pods plummeted to the earth, checking for injuries (maybe on you, personally), or more recently at the Sanctuary collecting blood. Apparently, the latter is why she's deemed it necessary to post.]

Thought I'd drop a quick word, given some of my experiences since we've all come together.

Now, I understand we all come from various worlds and times, with vastly differentiating forms of medicine, but I'm sure it's safe to say that bloodletting is not the preffered sort of medicine people want here. I don't care if someone here handed you a knife, of if that's what you're used to doing. That is not how you collect blood. You use a needle, and hopefully it's held by someone that knows how to find a vein. If you'd like to learn, I'd be happy to teach you.

Secondly? Your blood, assuming you're... human, or what the biologically average human is, is going to be used by anyone who needs it, rich or poor. The blood of a king is not going to make a beggar on the street suddenly somehow contend for a throne that doesn't even bloody exist in this world.

[There's a pause in which she almost calls a certain someone named Richard out, but she's a better woman than that. Just barely.

There's a flicker of a forced smile.]

Thank you.
axiomed: (From the work of sorrow)
[personal profile] axiomed
I feel as a group of people, we've gone over many of the logistics, the fears and the desire to connect with others. We carry within ourselves, a world that may be long gone but continues to breathe in our hearts and I hope we can bring what is best of all our worlds together.

So my question is this: What kind of plans do you have for yourself? What kind of future do you hope to achieve?

Perhaps by working together, we can all come closer to our goals.


Aug. 9th, 2017 11:14 pm
wondie: (22)
[personal profile] wondie
[ username: Diana ]

( this is her first appearance on the network, but Diana might be recognizable to some all the same. she was easily spotted wandering the halls of Thesa Station, especially in the halls of the sleeping. considering her height and easy confidence, she does tend to draw attention as she moves around Olympia as well. even if she isn't recognizable, she might be after this.

while she's unused to this method of communication, she's tinkered with it enough to master it. at least enough to accomplish what she means to say. she speaks cleanly, and with clear purpose.

Greetings. I am Diana. ( it's taken some doing, but she did manage to say her name without spitting out titles and who her mom is. someone should give her points for this. ) I come with a request for aide.

Our landing was made in haste, and damage was wrought from the lack of planning. We all remember the scars left on the land, the devices we left behind in our wake.

Considering our work here must be performed in secrecy, I suspect it would be wise to clean up what we can before the residents of this planet find it. Beyond that, we might be able to scrap and make something of the devices we were ejected in, and do something for the destroyed field that softened our landing.

If you would aide me in this, I would have your name. I suspect the sooner we start, the better. If you believe your hands will be of help, then they will be welcome.

( apparently that's it. Diana shuts off the feed without even a goodbye. nice talking to you, Wondie... )
enarms: (pic#9906103)
[personal profile] enarms
Hello. John Watson here.

I've met some of you already but for the rest I'd like to introduce myself as a doctor. I'm from Earth, 2012, I'm a fully qualified surgeon as of that year and familiar with medicine from that time period. If you'd rather not go to Lysa, please get in contact if you ever need medical attention. For the time being I'll be treating anyone for serious problems at the Station, but in the event of an emergency or something minor I can come to you.

Those of you I treated the other night, if you could check in that would be great.

Thanks. Hope we're all doing alright after that nightmare.

I'd also be interested to talk to anyone with medical experience about their thoughts on Lysa's methods from what they've seen so far. Cheers.
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