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puffing: (ᴛᴇɴ﹪ғᴜʀʀʏ / ᴄᴏᴍɪᴄ ― o53.)
[personal profile] puffing
[ first off: don't ask questions about the username. Bigby assumes it's subtle enough considering no one here knows him as the Big Bad Wolf, but he doesn't really... realize... the implications of the abbreviation he chose. oh well.

there's more pressing matters to attend to. ]

Not even here a goddamn month and shit goes to hell. Because of course. So much for peace.

[ on camera is a man who doesn't seem very pleased with the current chaos of the recent bombing. a moment is given to take a drag of his cigarette between words, blowing a puff of smoke straight towards whoever is watching. ]

I need information on the fugitives. Don't care if you're best friends or you've crossed paths with them once. Backgrounds, real names, affiliations, common hangouts. Also addresses on where they live. Give me a scent to work with and they'll be found.

[ another inhale of nicotine before he smothers the embers on a nearby surface. he's still as displeased as five seconds ago. ]

Also don't really care if they're in deep with this Shady Fucker or just a matter of "wrong place, wrong time". They have questions to answer one way or another. Got a problem with that? Take a wild guess on how I feel.
panzersoldat: (5)
[personal profile] panzersoldat
[The message opens up to a rather large older man. He sits in some living room in the housing district. Behind him sits a very very large suit of armor. It's clearly seen much better days. In fact, it looks like it's being held together by duct tape and gum..and is that a hubcap welded in to patch it? Probably.

He looks very serious as he starts his message.]

Hallo. I am Reinhardt Wilhelm. And I am in need of a person with mechanical know-how. As you see, my armor has seen many battles and if it comes to it, I would like to ensure that it sees many more. The young lady who helped me maintain it in the squire...she... well, she's still asleep. Which means that I am short a valuable person.

I would like to take on a squire. A person that can help me maintain my armor. Fix it when I break it and assist in fixing me when I break me. They must have both skill in forging, metallurgy, repairs as well as know some electronics and a small bit of rocket science. [ Yep. Still totally serious about that too ] My biggest requirement is that whoever helps me with my armor has a heart that loves justice and a willingness to help the people for little or no monetary rewards.

If anyone fits the bill, please inquire within and we can discuss further.

Thank you for your time.
rhygret: (i approve)
[personal profile] rhygret
Sooo a while back I put in a little bit of a request with our alien overlord hosts. And shockingly enough it not only came through, it was actually what I asked for! Crazy right? Turns out good things happen to not-so-great people after all, which, obviously I don't mean me. I'm amazing.

Anyway what I got was this really awesome game from back home called "Bunkers & Badasses". So awesome in fact that there's still a copy of it even after the universe was destroyed which I feel is pretty indicative of the sheer levels of awesomeness we're dealing with here.

I don't know if any of you guys had tabletop back home but basically you create a character by choosing your fantasy race and class, and then you go on adventures and roll a bunch of dice! Bunker Teams are best in groups of four but being the utterly amazing Bunker Master I am, I'm willing to accommodate anyone who's interested in playing through a short campaign or two. The rules aren't too hard and making a character is easy.

I'm thinking maybe in the next two weeks or so? Let me know if you're interested or have any questions.

[ ooc; this is the IC post for the IC game of D&D! For more information check out this post about joining c: anyone and everyone is free to jump on in. The log will probably go up on or around October 6th! ]
otiosity: (buddy they wont even let me fuck it)
[personal profile] otiosity
[The feed flicks on to show a young woman with dark hair and blue eyes. The image jostles a bit as if she's checking it over to be sure that it's on. Clearly, she's someone that has learned to use the device but isn't naturally familiar with them. Finally, she gets it going and gives the feed a casual wave.]

So quick question for you all. That is what this thing is used for, right? Broad and yet somehow specific questions that we ask each other for the purpose of figuring more out about this place and each other? Perfect, because that's just what I've got for you now!

Has anyone met people they know from back home and they know you, but not exactly you as you are. Like me for example, instead of knowing me as a beautiful woman with stunning eyes and great hair, they might know me as a burly man with a fantastic beard.

Thankfully, he seems to share my unique wit and intelligence, otherwise that would just be awkward if they had to return home to a me that was second rate.

[She makes a gesture like wiping her brow in relief. But it's needlessly theatrical and over the top that it's clear she's just doing it for the show.]

And while I've asked them the important things like "is he a mage", "what does he order at the bar", "how attractive would you rate him from 1-10" since it would also be embarrassing if the other you was ugly. Especially since I hate dealing with ugly people.

What else is there to ask? Taste in home decor? What he named his dog? Can he do a backflip? I'll take both suggestions and commiseration and maybe some confusion if neither of those work for you.
r3f4c70r3d: (Default)
[personal profile] r3f4c70r3d
Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce that today I come to you with a new option for your cellular devices! While the default chat program is...charming, in its simplicity, I have taken it upon myself to begin programming helpful extensions that will streamline and modernize the system. This update is on the small side, think of it more like an open beta:

Introducing EMOJIS and the easy to use EMOJI KEYBOARD Once you click on the download link below, your device will be updated to have a keyboard consisting of cute little faces and objects, for when you don't have the words to get your point across, or want to add some flare to your conversation.


Please report any issues you may have to S1R3N, and thank you for your time.


((OOC: Angels emoiji extension comes with an added bonus, very well hidden and encrypted spyware. This will, if you allow it, give Angel access to your characters chat history and any hidden profile features as well as an ability to keep track of your character in a database. Don't worry, your information will not be sold for profit. Probably. You can post some of what she might find HERE If you don't want her to be able to spy on and have access to your characters phone history or want to discuss access terms but still want your character to be able to download her extension just leave an ooc note in your comment.))

((OOC EDIT for clarity: Angel uses the monikers A.G., Angie, or simply A. (as its listed in her network biopage) with no indication about her looks, age or gender. Unless someone has met her in person and exchanged contact information she's effectively anonymous.))

burglarize: (pic#11593964)
[personal profile] burglarize
[ After the murmurs of job opportunities began to mix through the idle chit chat of the refugees, Ann wanted to get a few questions out to the people who may or may not have already started work. ]

Soooo... this whole jobs thing...
It's not as easy as it seems, right? I know we're suppose to work our asses off to make sure they keep the people in Thesa safe, but — has anyone had experience working with something like... that? Guards, scholars, and uh... adult workers.... It all sounds like some weird characters from a fantasy novel or something. Cliche, but given the past few weeks? Totally legit.

I guess I'm wanting to ask: how are you knowing you're a good "fit" for one of these jobs? Back home, I was...

[ She wants to say model, but she doesn't really give the deets too much. ]

Let's just say the closest I got to any of these kind of jobs were reading Shakespeare in school.

If you know of any normal jobs or have any pointers on talking with the recruiters, let me know!!! My skills include fashion, picking good places to eat, and persevering through unlikely circumstances! o(^▽^)o
valcurie: @paw-leena (.31)
[personal profile] valcurie
Hello there! ( the image that appears is of a smiling blonde woman, healthy and bright looking, dressed now in pristine weight to present herself, projecting poise and elegance and friendly invitation to hear her out. her German Swiss accent is quite strong, though, so hopefully no-one is overly attached to their w's. ) I hope everyone is doing well this evening. I am coming onto the network to reach out to anyone I might not have been able to yet. My name is Angela Ziegler, and I am a doctor from Earth. Human, as you can see. ( a light, pleasant laugh and an even more pleasant smile ) You may also know me as Mercy. It's my agent name from when I was in service to a global peacekeeping organisation known as Overwatch.

I'm from the 21st century, so the treatment that I can offer you is science based ( a slight pause here as if she's considering one last time how to phrase this ) rather than magic based, but I have a good deal of practical experience with general medicine so there's almost nothing I haven't seen or dealt with. My expertise is in applied biotics, and I also have experience with gene therapy, prosthetics, and cybernetics, if there is anyone here who may need more specialised care. My qualifications also include emergency and trauma response so, if you ever find yourself wounded and in need of immediate attention, please do not hesitate to contact me. Think of me as personal 999 for refugees!

If you do come to me for any kind of care, I promise to do the best I can help you, while upholding all the oaths I've taken as a doctor to do no harm and to protect my patients. I'm not charging anything at this time.

And, if you'd like to humour me and help me to understand our group a bit better, I have a set of questions: do you believe you have a soul? What makes you think you do or don't have one? And is such a belief common where you're from? ( she doesn't mention religion, because it isn't strictly speaking a religious idea. she's known plenty of atheists and nay-theists who thought there was something beyond intelligence that made people paramount to other species. whether they called this unique internal animating light a soul or not, it didn't really matter. )
competing: (149!)
[personal profile] competing
[ good morning everyone, hope you weren't hoping to sleep in on this marvelous TGIF, because coming atcha from your very own communication device is one (1) blue paladin of voltron, looking perhaps a little too happy, a little too excited. ]

its ya boy lance!
so turns out theres a few things about this place thats pretty similar to my home world
and a little blue birdy tells me todays my birthday
[ lol it's funny because his phone is blue........ ]

now back home my family would normally throw me a party but theyre uh
theyre kinda busy right now
[ you know. fighting for their lives in sleep-mode and all. ]
and its a little too last minute to throw anything together anyway
but that doesnt mean we cant enjoy a few party games right??
[ if you can't already tell, he is pumped. games are, like, the second best thing about parties. (second to presents and cake, of course.) ]

since were all kinda scattered i thought we could all play one over this network
that way everyone gets to play!
the games called 'never have i ever'
and all you gotta do is say something
that youve never done or seen or heard or whatever
and everyone who that applies to has to respond to you with a story about it!

[ okay so he... modified the game a bit. normally it involves drinking, bUT WHY ALIENATE THOSE WHO CAN'T, AMIRITE............. and besides if there is no birthday cake to be shared, might as well go for the next best thing, right? embarrassing stories! ] ]

i can even start!


( ooc; this is backdated to lance's birthday this past friday (july 28). feel free to create your own toplevels, respond to others with or without an accompanying story, threadjack, etc! )
rhygret: (smooth moves rhys)
[personal profile] rhygret

Here's a bit of an awkward question:

How many of you guys have someone you don't exactly like holed up in one of those pods? And I don't just mean like "wow that guy's a dick" I'm talking more along the lines of "this guy is a GIANT dick and he will definitely try to kill us
[ read: him ] when he wakes up."

Is there any way to...I don't know, pull the plug out of the pods? or something? Do you think we'd get in trouble for that?

[ A little casual accidentally-on-purpose murder never hurt anyone right? Like especially when it's for the greater good, which this totally is. ]
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