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gekkajuu: commissioned, please do not steal (eatsushi057_zpsksffwoio)
[personal profile] gekkajuu
Sorry, I know everyone's very busy with this move... but that doesn't mean we can just forget about everything else!

[And maybe everyone being in the middle of this massive migration means people have time to waste? He can hope!]

Actually, today is Dylas' birthday! So I hope that, if you have a moment to spare, you'll wish him a very happy birthday.

If you want to give him a gift -... He mostly likes fish, so... [Curse this poorly timed food shortage.] ... I'm sure he'll take a rain check! And it's the thought that counts, anyway.

Ah - if you don't know Dylas, he's a tall man with long hair that's a lilac sort of color, and a tail that's like -... [A horse. He's a horse.] ... Well, he's got a long tail. [Let's not insult the guy on his birthday. Even if he totally is a horse, and Atsushi sees nothing wrong with that.]

Thank you - and happy travels!
nysan: (ASHTI.)
[personal profile] nysan
Black = Ashti
Blue = Ana
Red = Giovanni

[ The following broadcast is not sent to the PC network, as El Nysa natives do not have access to it, but as a news broadcast to every Olympian citizen’s phone. The day before the evacuation, Ashti stands in view of the camera. Behind her stand Giovanni Rammsteiner and Ana Amari. ]

Good evening, beloved citizens of Olympia. In this time of tragedy and confusion, I understand that many of you wish to see those responsible for the attack on the Market District brought to justice. Rest assured, that is also my wish.

You have captured many of the gang members affiliated with the “M” group. We thank you very much for your hard work. There are still many things we don’t know about this terrorist group. If you have any information to volunteer about them or their workings, do not hesitate to contact me.

Unfortunately, some of our own citizens got caught up in this mess as well. Make no mistake— these people committed or were accomplices to the act of murder. But we must consider their intentions, as well.

These two individuals, Giovanni Rammsteiner and Ana Amari, have agreed to be subjected to a truth serum as terms to an agreement to allow them to be reinstated into Olympian society. Perhaps they deserve a harsher judgment. Today, they are lucky that Olympia grants them mercy. Such mercy will not be granted again.

[ She then turns around, nods at Ana, and the camera pans to focus on the other woman. ]

My partner was offered silver to prevent some dangerous weapons from entering Olympia. We arranged an ambush together, but the carriage had already been hijacked when we arrived. There were too many of us on the same job. The only thing we had to do was defend it until it reached the outpost. We all thought we were doing good - or at least, preventing something worse.

No, I didn't kill anyone. I don't do that anymore. [ Ana glances away from the camera for the first time, startled by her own admission. ] It doesn't matter. I aided and protected those who did, and I hope that they're still safe wherever they are.

The harm is already done. I'm sorry for the part I played in causing it, and I'll do what I can to make amends... But I hope that you don't intend for this spectacle to be a distraction from the actions of terrorists.

That will suffice, Ana. [ The camera then pans to Giovanni, who follows closely. ]

I met a man in the red light district who requested that I do a job for him. He said that carriages would be entering Olympia from Wyver, containing weapons which, if left unintecepted, would be used to do great damage to Olympia. The implication was that by intecepting said carriages, I would be preventing an attack on Olympia. The man requested that I bring the carriages to the South Outpost, along with the heads of those aboard, and leave no witnesses. And so, I intercepted the carriage, killed those aboard, and brought the carriage to the South Outpost.

I killed the carriage driver because doing so was within the job description, and because I believed he was involved in a plot to attack Olympia. Having welcomed me when I had no other home left to return to, I wanted to demonstrate my loyalty to my new country. That, and since I first opened my eyes, I have been trained as an attack dog, trained to kill. The request did not seem unreasonable. It seemed, instead, familiar.

I am sorry for making a mistake which, in hindsight, seems a foolish one. What seemed a reasonable request at the time it was made, given that such work was commonplace in my place of origin, is clearly something I should have had more suspicion of.

[ The camera then zooms out to include all three individuals. Ashti doesn’t look the least bit satisfied, but orders are orders. ]

These two will be under close watch of the Guard until further notice. All of those who pledged to serve and protect Olympia, keep an eye on them. [ The broadcast is now over. ]

(( Any replies to this post will be assumed to be to a copy of this video on the PC network. Talk about your crazy moon station and conspire all you want, Ashti can't see it! ))
sullenstallion: (21)
[personal profile] sullenstallion
Maybe this is a bad time?

[When Dylas starts the audio feed, he’s already not sure if he wants to do this. What a follows is a long sigh before he actually begins speaking in earnest.]

Hey. I know everyone’s sick. It’s pretty bad. I’m sure you all know some of the symptoms, but maybe you guys have been feeling something else, too? Something happened to me last month. Er, has been...happening.

[There’s a long, uncomfortable pause. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.]

I mean, maybe your body is changing. Doing things it couldn’t before. Maybe...being more sensitive. Maybe you’re noticing something different about yourself that you didn’t before? Something that doesn’t line up with the symptoms? If that happens, you should talk to the Orbiters. [Another pause. Ugh. He hates doing this, seriously.] They can apparently change our bodies without asking. They, uh. Can give us things that weren’t there before.

[He’s clearly not wanting to go into any details. Or maybe it’s not clear. He’s just this deep, masculine voice who sounds sort of confused about how to address large groups.]

So if you start feeling weird outside of the sickness or weren’t sick before, it might be that your body is going through new changes.

[Another long pause.]

It’s not puberty. I’ve already done that.
eusford: (pic#11723058)
[personal profile] eusford
[ The video begins with a scene that may not be much of a surprise for some who have been experiencing hallucinations: two individuals in the midst of fighting in their disease induced state, more specifically Juvia Lockser and Rin Okumura if anyone manages to catch a glimpse of either faces. One demonstrates powers of manipulating water, the other engulfed in blue flames.

For the one showcasing this the entire scene is an absolute riot. ]

Okay everyone, these two are apparently going to fight to the death. [ A lie, ultimately, he's well aware that they're both sick. ] Watch your step if you come through the residential district~ I've already dirtied my clothes trying to separate them. [ He speaks calmly despite this, lazily, with little hint of amusement in the tone of his voice as each sentence ends with a drawl. ]

So who are you betting on? The child with the lackluster swordsmanship skills or Shark Girl? Nothing lower than five silver and you better make it quick.

[ The view then dips, anyone familiar with the man behind the device might presume that he's tired and they'd be absolutely right. In fact those unfamiliar may even overhear him sighing as the two continue their fight. It lasts for several minutes with Crowley stepping to the side when a stray bullet of water or flame comes in his direction, one only earning so much as a whistle when it came close to catching onto his clothes. ]

One of them's gotta pass out soon. Probably in another— [ five minutes.

He was being generous, apparently, because both end up dropping like flies within seconds.

Breathing out something equivalent to a chuckle, he isn't in much of a rush as he advances forward. ]
I'm just gonna say that Lava Lamp went down first, so whoever bet on him can just leave their money at my doorstep. Hey, don—

[ And then the feed comes to an abrupt end. ]
earthy: (173)
[personal profile] earthy
[It takes Terra a little while to report to the network. He knows he needs to — he can't just keep this information to himself — but he's not really eager to talk about what happened.

He finally just forces himself to sit down and turn on the device.]

... Hello. I'm Terra. I've never put up one of these messages before. If I do something wrong, let me know.

[With a deep, steadying breath, he gets on with it.]

I tracked down another one of the... 'M' people. She told me a couple things that I think might be important.

Uh... For starters, this 'M' group is apparently pretty big. She claimed my catching her wasn't going to stop anything, that there are too many of them... out there somewhere, I guess, carrying on doing whatever it is they're trying to do. Maybe she was just bluffing. Or maybe we're going to be dealing with these people for a while...

Anyway, then she went on to mention their leader. 'The guy at the top of all this.' I thought it was that Shady Man... S-8, but no, it's someone else. She didn't know his name. Said he's really into birds, though? And that he looks like a... normal person.

She told me that this leader has a hideout but that it moves around a lot. Moves around constantly... is what she said. It was in the Theatre District here in Olympia last, but she was sure it had already been moved again...

[He trails off at that and keeps quiet a moment.]

That's about it. All she would tell me.

[Another pause, this one a bit longer than the last.]

Her name was Gnome.
lahaine: (10.)
[personal profile] lahaine
Ufufufu~ it seems like a lot of you are desperate for some help... [ The provocative laughter seemed to echo as the dragon witch spoke. A bored sounding tone followed. ] ...A cure for that disgusting sickness.

[ Get the facts first. You can distort them later. That was how it worked, right? One had to wonder if she really was telling the truth about knowing anything at all. The silence was broken. ]

While you sit there uselessly stewing in your disease, I made quick work of something else. [ Like hell she would call whatever that rodent was a person. ] Before the vermin was reduced to ash, it enlightened me on a few things.

Rejoice, garbage - for I will share them with you. [ With her sharp tongue and disrespectful words, one had to wonder why she was doing this. Maybe she was lying, maybe she was bored...or maybe she just knew someone who was sick and this was an indirect way of helping... ]

The disease was manufactured by the Institute, stolen, and released... hahahah...obviously. Part of the cure is a stupid plant - the Yuwi flower, is what was mentioned. [ Fingers drumming on some sort of surface can be heard as she goes quiet. That was all she knew. ]

Well, I have long proved my competency among you morons, what have you done? Better get to doing something! Hahahahah!
ripvanwinkled: (snek_0003_mustachossom)
[personal profile] ripvanwinkled
Good-- [The man's voice is the unflattering tone of someone obviously sick, shown further through cutting himself off to cough into his arm.] Good morning, fellow refugees. In light of our unfortunate situation, I'd like to try and extend a kindness. It's becoming more difficult to remain grounded as this sickness progresses, and... we all need something to remind us what is real.

I've received a book that will read out any passage of a published work that I name. That alone might not be very useful to all of you, but... recently, I've discovered that will also use any voice I name to use. Even of the voices who are... no longer with us.

[He pauses, debating on whether or not that needs an elaboration. Ultimately he believes it hits hard enough, for the sound of turning a page follows.]

If there is anyone you would like to hear again, give me their name and something you would like them to read. Please, take your time.
unpromising: (058)
[personal profile] unpromising
Hey. My name's Qrow.

[ A familiar greeting, not that anybody is familiar with him! His voice is gruff and tired, but that's his everyday voice. ]

That guy everyone's been chasing after is dead. [ A slight pause, and in a softer tone: ] Killed himself.

He gave some details to the cure, though. Said that we need a plant called the Oshai Leaf for it, and it can only be found in Wyver.

Wyver's been hit with the same disease, too. No idea what the situation's like there, but they can't find the cure for it either. Another ingredient for the cure can only be found here.

That's all I know. If you've got questions, ask. I'll try to answer 'em.

[ The sound of liquid hitting metal can be heard, but that's just him moving his flask closer to his mouth. ]
sweetwater: (022)
[personal profile] sweetwater
[ Cheryl is sick. despite that, she's done her hair and makeup and dressed herself in a red silk robe. a lot of effort went into her appearance, but it does little to hide the fact that she's unwell. she looks tired. at home she was a pro at snapchat, and she holds the camera out at arms length. all that's missing is the puppy filter! ]

By now you've all heard of the great tragedy that's befallen us. I was caught right in the middle of everything, an innocent bystander in someone's very cruel plan to shake us all to the core. I don't scare easily and I don't wilt, but I could use your help in this trying time.

First: obviously i am confined to bed until I recover. You can entertain me by chatting with me and telling me your stories. Make sure they aren't boring.

And secondly: If you're able-bodied, perhaps you can avenge me. [ she pauses. smiles. ] Us. It's the right thing to do.

[ and as she ends the video: ] Hashtag Olympia Strong. [ yes, that's right. hashtag. this is Cheryl Blossom, after all. ]
jensaarai: boysareback (048)
[personal profile] jensaarai
I have seen some discussion concerning the people who are still in pods and it has led me to wondering. How would you handle someone you have unpleasant history with being here?
knitpick: (pic#11507452)
[personal profile] knitpick
[Hello, friends. Surely, in the midst of this whole clusterfuck, you wanted a wall of obnoxiously purple text in your faces. No? Well, that's what you're getting anyway.]

October is off to a rough start, isn't it?
And unfortunately some of us are of limited use in these matters, for one reason or another.
I've done my part to help where I can, but eventually one hits the point where they can only throw their hands in the air and say "fuck it".
That is to say, I have other work to focus on, and I won't set it aside to just sit around uselessly and wring my hands until this whole bioterrorism issue is settled.
Which brings me to the point of this post:
I require individuals to assist me with testing the products of my research.
My field of study is the practical application of local magic, and certain aspects of what I'm working on are impossible for me to test on my own.
Applicants need no particular skill beyond the ability to follow instructions.
It would certainly be nice if all the incentive needed was the opportunity to aid in the pursuit of knowledge and progress, but I don't imagine I'll have many takers who are quite that selfless.
So I can offer modest pay.
Or, if you would prefer and don't mind waiting a little, payment can take the form of a small finished product, once the kinks are worked out.
Precautions will be taken, of course, but there is an element of mild risk involved
Nothing that should result in maiming or death, but it's only ethical to make that known to those who might participate.
Please let me know if you're interested.

((ooc: I'll be putting up a log for the testing of Rose's "projects" maybe in a week once everything's settled down a bit. I won't require anyone to thread out the process of volunteering before hopping into the eventual log, but it's more than welcome. Or just use this to bother her for whatever other reasons idgaf. And as always, please hit up the font opt-out post in Rose's journal if you'd rather I dropped the text color for you!))
walkingthevoid: (Default)
[personal profile] walkingthevoid
There is always a bigger picture. If we pool our resources and knowledge, we may all learn more about what happened here so that we may stop an event like this from happning again.

I will be near the site if anyone would like to discuss our next course of action and prefers the discretion of speaking face to face. I will share what I know as we gain more information.

[basically Ikora wants all ur rumours. I'm happy to swtich to action or set up a log for people who want to meet her in person.]


Oct. 3rd, 2017 09:14 am
solitaryrose: (I know it's hard to believe)
[personal profile] solitaryrose
This is Queen Anora of Ferelden.

I am not delusional. The lack of a country to rule puts me out of a job. But as a country is not geography, I would like to know whether any Fereldans who survived are currently out of stasis. I have no political power, but I can at least serve as an advocate in these difficult times. I know the proper channels and I'm an excellent negotiator, as you well know.

For the rest of you, I am a volunteer aiding the sick. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask.
panzersoldat: (grief)
[personal profile] panzersoldat
[The video opens to a familiar older man. It's the one from before that was talking about his armor. He looks worried and also utterly serious]

Hello. I know things are really bad right now, but I need to ask for a favor. There were people listed. Solder 76. Ana Amari. Jesse McCree. They have been labeled terrorists. But I swear to you on my honor as a knight that they are innocent. I've known them for years. I know the measure of their character. This thing...they would not have done this. It must be a misunderstanding. So please don't try and harm them. I know they are good people and this is all a mistake.

I tried to get into contact with them but they aren't answering me. I am aware that others will be looking for them. So I just want you to give them this message from me if you see them.

Tell them Reinhardt believes in them. If you see them, tell them that running will only make them seem guilty and that I know they aren't. I know that in my heart. If they turn themselves in, I am sure that their side will be heard and that justice will weigh heavy on their sides. On the side of truth.

And tell them that no matter what, I am on their side. I believe in them and that they'll do the right thing.

Thank you.

[ The feed cuts off again]
objectionattorney: (Phoenix Serious Business Stare Down)
[personal profile] objectionattorney
I know this is a bit of a chaotic time for us all. With the recent chemical explosion as well as the announcement of suspected terrorists to Olympia I'm sure you're all frantically running about trying to find the few loved ones that you have. But it's during times like this that a network system such as the one we have is the most important.

If any of you are searching for someone and are unable to get in contact with them please leave a post here mentioning that. This way others can keep an eye out for them or they may even be able to contact you themselves in order to tell you they're safe.

Also if providing aid this space could be a used to mention the resources you are able to provide as well as locations that are taking in those that are sick or injured.

Finally, if any of you who happen to be involved with what's going on with the current suspected attack, please feel free to personally contact me or state your case here. Remember, you are not guilty until there is absolute proof of it. If you feel like you've been wrongly accused I will be happy to help.
enarms: (pic#11699474)
[personal profile] enarms
[ another day, another video feed. brothel Doctor John Watson, back at it again with the getting all up in your medical business. straight in, this time, with the bustling noise and warm light of a busy Sanctuary as a backdrop to what he's got to say. ]

If you're feeling run down or you find yourself getting sick over the next couple of days, please get in touch with staff at the Sanctuary— especially if you were at the site of the attack or have been in close contact with someone else who's caught something. Now isn't the time to be stubborn about it, we don't know what this is yet. If you're feeling rough, come in. It's well staffed, the easiest place to keep you monitored and comfortable, and the first place medicines will be delivered to when they're ready. We could also do without you infecting anyone else.

[ this is the one and only time he's ever going to advocate otherwise healthy people clogging up medical resources for flu symptoms, but this is not only the result of biological weaponry but biological weaponry from a world none of them originate from and he's not here for underestimating the potential results.

also because he literally JUST made a post about how some people aren't going to want to have to attend the Sanctuary, and there may be people on that wanted list who are struggling and not in a position to go the conventional route in looking for help... he takes a second to make sure of the wording in his head, and then: ]

If that isn't an option for you, you can get in touch with me at this contact address. Likewise if you find yourselves stuck in an unrelated medical emergency.

If you'd rather not contact me, I'll attach a list of refugees who may be able to help as a response to this post.

Look after yourselves. Don't be heroes.

[ and he's out ]

j.watson: medical contacts

( ooc: the list is currently comprised of characters who responded to John's last post indicating interest in offering medical help in an emergency but it's fully editable! if you've got a healer-type character who would want to be contactable in this capacity, feel free to add their name and contact. equally, if you'd rather people don't contact your character for this plot but they're on the list, just take them off or give me a shout and I'll do that for ya. thanks! )
puffing: (ᴛᴇɴ﹪ғᴜʀʀʏ / ᴄᴏᴍɪᴄ ― o53.)
[personal profile] puffing
[ first off: don't ask questions about the username. Bigby assumes it's subtle enough considering no one here knows him as the Big Bad Wolf, but he doesn't really... realize... the implications of the abbreviation he chose. oh well.

there's more pressing matters to attend to. ]

Not even here a goddamn month and shit goes to hell. Because of course. So much for peace.

[ on camera is a man who doesn't seem very pleased with the current chaos of the recent bombing. a moment is given to take a drag of his cigarette between words, blowing a puff of smoke straight towards whoever is watching. ]

I need information on the fugitives. Don't care if you're best friends or you've crossed paths with them once. Backgrounds, real names, affiliations, common hangouts. Also addresses on where they live. Give me a scent to work with and they'll be found.

[ another inhale of nicotine before he smothers the embers on a nearby surface. he's still as displeased as five seconds ago. ]

Also don't really care if they're in deep with this Shady Fucker or just a matter of "wrong place, wrong time". They have questions to answer one way or another. Got a problem with that? Take a wild guess on how I feel.
courageunforgotten: (Default)
[personal profile] courageunforgotten
[By now, the bomb's already been set off and the city is in full damage control and/or panic mode and he'll be on the site soon enough but for now it's time to check in.]

I heard what happened. Is everyone alright?

Zelda, Mipha, where are you?

[Quick to the point and direct as ever. He's concerned for everyone he's spoken to and met but those two are the focus of most of his concern right now.]

If anybody's sick and needs help, tell me where you are and I'll come find you.

[OOC: Network post for now. If anybody wants Link to find their character or just meet up during the chaos, let me know and I'll set up a log as well.]
pricechecked: (Lord Captain)
[personal profile] pricechecked
[It's later in the day and the bomb has gone off, but someone hasn't yet heard about it. He's got a slightly more pressing question right now. It's a good one, really.]


[He's also kind of an older guy too. Texting doesn't come natural to him.]
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