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There is always a bigger picture. If we pool our resources and knowledge, we may all learn more about what happened here so that we may stop an event like this from happning again.

I will be near the site if anyone would like to discuss our next course of action and prefers the discretion of speaking face to face. I will share what I know as we gain more information.

[basically Ikora wants all ur rumours. I'm happy to swtich to action or set up a log for people who want to meet her in person.]
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[On the feed appears a man! No, not a man, a king. And his username is real_life_actual_king, since that's kind of important. Although often an informal unit, Richard is decked out in the standard issue armor and helmet of the Royal Guard. It's polished to perfection. He clears his throat.]

Hello all, it's me. I'm Kind Richard with the disclaimer that the name is intentionally ironic. I've just returned from the beach, which was just fantastic. I had a great time, all around. Never did get to see that fighting pit I kept hearing about, but a really good time altogether. And how about that train, am I right? Talk about posh.

Anyway, I wanted to give people a bit of a heads up. I'm with the Royal Guard and by now, kind of a venerated veteran of sorts, I wanted to let people know that we are still recruiting. Mind you, I'm not doing the recruiting! This is more of an information awareness announcement, since you'll have to speak directly to the Commander. A tad inefficient on her part, I'll grant you, but delegation is not her strongest suit. But you tell them that your old pal Rick sent you and you'll be well on your way to making this city a better, safer place to live. Also, you'll get paid for it, so that's a nice little bonus as well. Once you're in, you can have a talk with me. I run the armory, so I'll get you hooked up with the same kind of trendy fashion you see on display right now.

Now, unrelated to this whole business of being a guard, I wanted to open the floor to people who may have had experiences like I have had. If you've recently loss your kingdom and seat of power and been reduced to living the life of a meaningless and inconsequential peasant, then you're talking to someone who's been there. It's not easy, believe me. I've gone through a number of musical numbers just trying to cope with it. But if you need someone to talk to, then I'm there for you. You don't have to suffer alone anymore.

I think that's about it. Now, how the hell do I stop this from recording? Is this it?

Ah, good. That was easier than I thought. I think I did pretty well with the whole psycho-therapeutic mentoring thing there at the end, eh Tad Cooper? Really inspired some hope in those poor hopeless sods. Hm? The light's still on? Oh hell.

Maybe if I just... and then... okay, I'll just-!

[And like that, the message ends. Finally.]
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[ Byerly Vorrutyer is sitting in front of a piano, fingers on the keys. Byerly Vorrutyer is also, apparently, drunk. There's a bottle of brandy in front of him balanced beside the music rack that's two-thirds drained, and there's a tiny sway in his posture, and he looks sloppy - suit coat opened, shirt-collar loosened. When he speaks, his voice slurs. But as he talks, he plays Chopin beautifully, expressively. He only misses the very occasional note. ]

God help me, but this place is dull. And I know from dull. I spent an entire season - an entire season! - on the Vorinnis estate on the South Continent. If Lady Vorinnis hadn't been there to distract me with all her deliciousness, I'd have actually, literally, died of boredom. I nearly set fire to the whole taiga. Roasted all the little birdies and rabbits and peasants. Pheasants. Peasants. Whichever.

[ He sighs mournfully, casting a sorrowful glance at the camera. ]

Say, fellows, how does a man have fun around here? It's clear no one knows how to play whist, so that's out, and dueling for laughs seems tacky. I've already watched a few of you brutes bash one another's faces in, which had its charms and no doubt, but the time for that is over. I can't play bed, wed, behead with you, because you're all proles of no account and no education who wouldn't know the high-society names I mention to you. Oh!

[ He sits up a bit, stopping his playing mid-note, right before the end of the first section of the piece. What a musical anticlimax. ]

I've got one. I'll write limericks about you. Tell me a bit about yourself, and I'll write limericks. Go on, do. They'll be funny, I promise - this is one of my favorite games. Absolutely kills at parties.

[ And then, with a small bow - ]

Byerly Vorrutyer, Emperor of Barrayar, at your lyrical service.
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[The message opens up to a rather large older man. He sits in some living room in the housing district. Behind him sits a very very large suit of armor. It's clearly seen much better days. In fact, it looks like it's being held together by duct tape and gum..and is that a hubcap welded in to patch it? Probably.

He looks very serious as he starts his message.]

Hallo. I am Reinhardt Wilhelm. And I am in need of a person with mechanical know-how. As you see, my armor has seen many battles and if it comes to it, I would like to ensure that it sees many more. The young lady who helped me maintain it in the squire...she... well, she's still asleep. Which means that I am short a valuable person.

I would like to take on a squire. A person that can help me maintain my armor. Fix it when I break it and assist in fixing me when I break me. They must have both skill in forging, metallurgy, repairs as well as know some electronics and a small bit of rocket science. [ Yep. Still totally serious about that too ] My biggest requirement is that whoever helps me with my armor has a heart that loves justice and a willingness to help the people for little or no monetary rewards.

If anyone fits the bill, please inquire within and we can discuss further.

Thank you for your time.
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A few things:

[ Exile doesn't waste time with pleasantries. She's sure they're all thrilled to be here and there's probably more than enough whining and nonsensical banter going on. Good times, thanks but no thanks. ]

So, how many of us are here? At all? And how many of is are out of the pods? Does anybody keep a tally?

Besides that, I know there are some Force sensitives out and about. You've probably felt me, too. You know that feeling of dread and despair that permeates the walls sometimes? That's me. I'd be interested in hearing about the state of the galaxy from where and when you're from.

[ Her main reason to know who's who is to avoid them, of course. She can't help but feel like she needs to keep tabs on anyone that might be a danger to others though. ]

And lastly: card games. Show me yours and I'll show you mine.
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Sooo a while back I put in a little bit of a request with our alien overlord hosts. And shockingly enough it not only came through, it was actually what I asked for! Crazy right? Turns out good things happen to not-so-great people after all, which, obviously I don't mean me. I'm amazing.

Anyway what I got was this really awesome game from back home called "Bunkers & Badasses". So awesome in fact that there's still a copy of it even after the universe was destroyed which I feel is pretty indicative of the sheer levels of awesomeness we're dealing with here.

I don't know if any of you guys had tabletop back home but basically you create a character by choosing your fantasy race and class, and then you go on adventures and roll a bunch of dice! Bunker Teams are best in groups of four but being the utterly amazing Bunker Master I am, I'm willing to accommodate anyone who's interested in playing through a short campaign or two. The rules aren't too hard and making a character is easy.

I'm thinking maybe in the next two weeks or so? Let me know if you're interested or have any questions.

[ ooc; this is the IC post for the IC game of D&D! For more information check out this post about joining c: anyone and everyone is free to jump on in. The log will probably go up on or around October 6th! ]
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[ The feed flips on, and Ariadne peers into the camera, big brown eyes and "could be twelve, could be eighteen" sort of face, looking even younger than she otherwise might - she's a little hesitant at addressing the network like this but she figures this is the best way to find out for sure what she wants - needs to know. ]

This is, like, the biggest Skype call I've ever made. Hi. Uh. I'm Ariadne. Not the Greek one, just a Canadian one. [ Because Diana already thought she might be the Greek one. Just clarifying! ] I guess I'm just wondering if there are any other architects here. I mean, I can kind of understand why they'd need some, and I'm grateful and all, but I hadn't even finished my degree yet. There's gotta be someone more qualified here, right?

[ And then she hesitates, because honestly? That's not really what she needs to know. What she needs to know is something a little more... well, shady. And she has no idea how else to ask this. ]

Also, uh. If anyone's heard the term Somnacin, let me know.
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[personal profile] gekkajuu
[Well, here Atsushi is again. He didn't think he'd use the network so much, and he feels kind of bad for it, but... he has big news.]

It hatched...

[The camera finally focuses in the barely lit room, and this can be seen in the background, crawling out of the towel it had been carefully wrapped up in for warmth. Atsushi should really at least greet people, but... how can he possibly think of such things when he has a baby cub around?]

This is what came out of my egg... I still can't believe it. A tiger from an egg... and for me?!

[That's... honestly a little uncanny, considering his ability. But even if Atsushi doesn't understand why this happened exactly, he can't bring himself to care. The cub is just... so cute. And it's nothing scary or dangerous, like a spider or dragon! After ten days of fretting, that's a huge relief. All right, a tiger may still grow up to be dangerous... but Atsushi will teach it better!]

I can't decide what to name it. Does anyone have any suggestions? It's a boy, if that matters.

[Another squeak from the cub, and Atsushi gets up, moving toward it just before the feed cuts out.]

Yes, yes, I'll warm you some more milk.
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[She's been thinking about a past conversation she's had before coming here, about promises made before waking up from stasis, and...well...

The video feed shows her sitting in her bedroom, wearing all black with the Royal Guard insignia pinned to her chest, and while ordinarily she'd make herself look prim and proper for a video conference it's kind of hard to do so living in a hovel and not in a Castle-ship. Still, she's trying.

Upon first waking and learning of the Storm, I had been told that my friends are being held in quarantine, and that continues to remain true for now even as we make do on Olympia. I cannot be the only person here who has animal companions and wishes to reunite with them in the near future.

If anyone here has been reunited with their animal friends, my ears are open as to how you got them back. I... [she hesitates, and then rephrases whatever it is she was going to say.] There are not many living things from my homeworld left, even in the universe where I am from. The space mice had been a great comfort, especially in unfamiliar territory such as this.

[She begins to undo her hair from its updo's a lot of hair for a bun that was so neat and orderly.]

I also wish to inform those I know that I am currently assisting the Royal Guard in the Noble District. It is strange interacting with the nobility here when your own title holds no weight.
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Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce that today I come to you with a new option for your cellular devices! While the default chat program is...charming, in its simplicity, I have taken it upon myself to begin programming helpful extensions that will streamline and modernize the system. This update is on the small side, think of it more like an open beta:

Introducing EMOJIS and the easy to use EMOJI KEYBOARD Once you click on the download link below, your device will be updated to have a keyboard consisting of cute little faces and objects, for when you don't have the words to get your point across, or want to add some flare to your conversation.


Please report any issues you may have to S1R3N, and thank you for your time.


((OOC: Angels emoiji extension comes with an added bonus, very well hidden and encrypted spyware. This will, if you allow it, give Angel access to your characters chat history and any hidden profile features as well as an ability to keep track of your character in a database. Don't worry, your information will not be sold for profit. Probably. You can post some of what she might find HERE If you don't want her to be able to spy on and have access to your characters phone history or want to discuss access terms but still want your character to be able to download her extension just leave an ooc note in your comment.))

((OOC EDIT for clarity: Angel uses the monikers A.G., Angie, or simply A. (as its listed in her network biopage) with no indication about her looks, age or gender. Unless someone has met her in person and exchanged contact information she's effectively anonymous.))

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Good afternoon.

Since our arrival on Thesa Station it's undeniable a lot has taken course. We're now well into a month on the surface proper and I can't say we have much more to say for it. Well, short of several conversations on murder and questions on individual tastes.

Enlightening though I am sure some of those conversations were, there's also some other things we as a group may wish to discuss. Although it became quite a controversy situation in the end, the idea of preparing for any potential characters who would do harm to not only us Refugees but the natives here is something to certainly keep in mind. As we cannot say that we come from a place elsewhere, where these people had control, it's up to us as a group to keep a handle on that.

No, I'm not proposing a hit list of any sort. That's insane. And given the earlier conversations on the matter is only going to end in people up in arms. I don't think any of us here are under any false impressions that someone is going to stay in the pods up there or we're not going to face something more. And what with the recent listings and those observing our skills it might do for us to know what each other are capable of.

If we have a list we can propose groups for when something strikes again; Perhaps another drop from the sky or something such as combat or healing skills that the natives would misunderstand and take too lightly. Just from the past month here, suffice it to say, some of our capabilities include medical knowledge and strength that may not be common at all here.

[Especially in the former, but she's yet to see people who can stop things with their bare hands recently either here.]

Needless to say this is not at all mandated and everyone has their secrets they do not wish to share, but if there's skills you are willing to share with others and possibly be grouped with should the situation arise I believe now is a good time to do it. A name, profession, and known skills (magical or otherwise), and what you feel capable of during high-stress situations will suffice. What level of technology, if any, you are knowledgeable of my also be of use as there are those who may use a bow, but never more than that and vice versa.

Similarly, though no hit list will be made if there is someone asleep, or even awake, you're wary of or a situation you think may come and wish to prepare for. This can be used for civil conversations to discuss matters or propose what may be done.

As for myself, it would be unfair to request anyone to answer without providing information of my own. My name is Porpentina Goldstein, but please address me as Tina. In my own world my profession is that of an Auror. Someone's equated it to a police officer which will have to do for the easiest description of it. But while we captured criminals we were the first to go to fight against undesirables. I came from early 1927 in New York City, for those whom it means anything to.

While I do not keep up with the social conversations on this thing, I do try to keep updated on what is said. Should you need any help I will always do my best.


Aug. 9th, 2017 11:14 pm
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[ username: Diana ]

( this is her first appearance on the network, but Diana might be recognizable to some all the same. she was easily spotted wandering the halls of Thesa Station, especially in the halls of the sleeping. considering her height and easy confidence, she does tend to draw attention as she moves around Olympia as well. even if she isn't recognizable, she might be after this.

while she's unused to this method of communication, she's tinkered with it enough to master it. at least enough to accomplish what she means to say. she speaks cleanly, and with clear purpose.

Greetings. I am Diana. ( it's taken some doing, but she did manage to say her name without spitting out titles and who her mom is. someone should give her points for this. ) I come with a request for aide.

Our landing was made in haste, and damage was wrought from the lack of planning. We all remember the scars left on the land, the devices we left behind in our wake.

Considering our work here must be performed in secrecy, I suspect it would be wise to clean up what we can before the residents of this planet find it. Beyond that, we might be able to scrap and make something of the devices we were ejected in, and do something for the destroyed field that softened our landing.

If you would aide me in this, I would have your name. I suspect the sooner we start, the better. If you believe your hands will be of help, then they will be welcome.

( apparently that's it. Diana shuts off the feed without even a goodbye. nice talking to you, Wondie... )
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Hey. This isn't one of those 'let's all get to know each other and be best friends' posts. I wanna know what you guys know about telepathy.

[Aoi holds a picture up to the camera. 'Picture' is probably a generous description.]

First, anyone know what this picture is?

Snake, before you even start, I fuckin' KNOW you can't see it, so I'm not asking you.

Don't cheat, just tell me what you think it's supposed to be.

If you're not into pictures, tell me about Archetypes from your world. There was a psychologist on Earth who noticed the same ideas pop up in various cultures that had no contact with one another. I want to see if that collective unconscious spans worlds too. So, I dunno, talk to each other about the legends and fairy tales and holidays and shit from your worlds and lemme know what common threads you find

The Follow-Up Video

[A couple of days later, when it seems like the majority of the people who are gonna weigh in have done so, Aoi makes a follow-up post.]

Alright, I know you all think I was tryin' to psychoanalyze you with the picture I showed you the other day, but trust me, you guys aren't that interesting. There's a right answer to the picture. I'll show you.

[He holds up the original picture and the solution to the screen.]

Some crackpot psychologist did an experiment to test the transference of knowledge through unseen means. He showed a picture like this to a population of people, and the distribution of answers was pretty random, same as you guys'. Then he broadcast the answer to that population. When he went to a to a remote location that had no contact with anyone from Population A. When he showed the same picture, there was a statistically significant increase in the percentage of people who knew the answer.

Even though nobody had consciously shared the information, because more people knew it, the answer was somehow transmitted. So that's the theory of Morphic Resonance.
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Hello. I am Mantis. [With that abrupt greeting comes an equally abrupt (and not at all awkward, really!) smile. She's trying. There's a bit of a pause here, as her smile fades a bit, to be replaced by a genuinely contrite expression.] I apologize. I know I have a hideous face. I will not show it here again. I wanted to meet all of you, though.

[And that means face-to-face, you poor unfortunate souls.]

Some of you have asked such interesting questions. I am afraid that I do not have any to ask of you. I wanted to meet you all and introduce myself. [Cue the friendly awkward smile again. She is getting better at it, at least.] Oh! Perhaps you could tell me something about yourself. [A pause, as she tries and fails to think of a more specific question. Then, a little defeated:] Anything at all will do, I suppose.

[She glances downward for just a short moment, uncomfortable and anxious at the attention she's calling toward herself. But it's just that: a short moment, easily mistaken for wandering attention, perhaps.]
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Have any of you tried a fruit called the 'doreh'?

[It’s a brief question. Gaius addresses the network early in the morning, hopefully after people have eaten breakfast. There have been a few things on his mind for a while, so he might as well ask now before the network turns to death talk again.]

I spoke with one of the workers on Thesa before coming here, and he shared some with me. It’s a green fruit with several leaves, and it has a bumpy might have seen it before. When you slice into it, the juice is purple. It's delicious and tastes like honey and plum, but...if someone offers you the same fruit in a different color, you might want to be careful. I’ve heard the other colors of doreh have side effects that are...less than desirable.

[How ominous? He seems to know what’s going on, at least.]

With all the conversation topics we've had, I'd also like to ask...were you religious where you're from, or was your world religious? I've visited the temples here, and they're...unique. [It's so hard to pick just one word.] I've been thinking about my own faith...a lot changes when you end up on a different world, doesn't it?

[He pauses for a moment, and then shakes his head slightly.] sounds a little heavy when I phrase it like that, but I'm still interested in hearing about your worlds if I haven't lost you all yet.
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Yo, hunnies! And... all of you other guys.

[He starts the video with a flashy wink, trailing off that latter introduction to men before he laughs. He's been watching the network, of course, but actually showing himself on it is something he wants to do more purposefully, and so: here he is.]

I don't know about everyone else, but things are getting way too quiet around here, if you ask me. The best way to get to know each other is to party! So if any cute girls want to have a good time, let's meet up, and I'll buy you a drink!

I guess guys can come, too, since we all saved each other and all. [He dismisses that a little with a wave of his free hand.] Consider it an act of kindness from the great Zelos! Heheh.

Oh yeah, but while I'm waiting... Why don't we take turns asking questions? It's not every day you meet people from another world. [Haha...] So, I'll start! How many of you have elves and half-elves where you're from, and what are they like?

[He flashes a grin despite his reasoning behind that question, and gives a mock salute.] Zelos out!
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[It takes a minute or two to start the feed, but eventually he gets a good angle for him to speak. Have fun talking to a wall of hair.]

Good afternoon. I suppose I should properly introduce myself.

I'm Venom.

[Okay with that out of the way...]



In an attempt to get more familiar with my fellow refugees, I will be exploring the area for a tea shop. If anyone has recommendations, or if you would like to come along, please contact me.

Thank you.
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Hello! I'm 9S, and I'm testing out the capabilities of these devices we've been given. I'm just looking at some technical stuff so, uh, feel free to disregard if it's not your sort of thing.

I know we've all lost our homes recently and that's pretty rough to deal with, but... if you wouldn't mind, could you tell me if you came from Earth? And if you did, what did you like about it?

[ A beat. ]

You can do that if you're from somewhere else too! Earth's the only planet I had experience with before coming here, but I'd be happy to hear about other worlds as well.

[ There's more than one way to gather information. ]
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Hello. John Watson here.

I've met some of you already but for the rest I'd like to introduce myself as a doctor. I'm from Earth, 2012, I'm a fully qualified surgeon as of that year and familiar with medicine from that time period. If you'd rather not go to Lysa, please get in contact if you ever need medical attention. For the time being I'll be treating anyone for serious problems at the Station, but in the event of an emergency or something minor I can come to you.

Those of you I treated the other night, if you could check in that would be great.

Thanks. Hope we're all doing alright after that nightmare.

I'd also be interested to talk to anyone with medical experience about their thoughts on Lysa's methods from what they've seen so far. Cheers.
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