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sweetwater: (022)
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[ Cheryl is sick. despite that, she's done her hair and makeup and dressed herself in a red silk robe. a lot of effort went into her appearance, but it does little to hide the fact that she's unwell. she looks tired. at home she was a pro at snapchat, and she holds the camera out at arms length. all that's missing is the puppy filter! ]

By now you've all heard of the great tragedy that's befallen us. I was caught right in the middle of everything, an innocent bystander in someone's very cruel plan to shake us all to the core. I don't scare easily and I don't wilt, but I could use your help in this trying time.

First: obviously i am confined to bed until I recover. You can entertain me by chatting with me and telling me your stories. Make sure they aren't boring.

And secondly: If you're able-bodied, perhaps you can avenge me. [ she pauses. smiles. ] Us. It's the right thing to do.

[ and as she ends the video: ] Hashtag Olympia Strong. [ yes, that's right. hashtag. this is Cheryl Blossom, after all. ]
pricechecked: (Lord Captain)
[personal profile] pricechecked
[It's later in the day and the bomb has gone off, but someone hasn't yet heard about it. He's got a slightly more pressing question right now. It's a good one, really.]


[He's also kind of an older guy too. Texting doesn't come natural to him.]
cwiclac: (six.)
[personal profile] cwiclac
[ lily potter has had something of a jarring entrance into el nysa, and has remained relatively quiet since her arrival. she's spent most of the time with her ragtag family in some sort of attempt to parse through everything that had happened. and, honestly -- lily hasn't managed to do that. she isn't entirely sure whether or not she could ever do that.

but sitting around and doing nothing is also definitely not her style. she needs to be proactive, to find her spot in this new world. get information, learn how to adapt and survive, and try to get through everything that has happened.

even in times of peace, war is still the predominating factor in how she tries to analyze what in the actual hell has happened.

so lily (a young twenty-something-year-old with a huge amount of red hair and green eyes) presents as tired, but with color in her cheeks and a brightness in her eyes. she's noticed some people have been asking for jobs, and lily knows that she needs to do that eventually, too -- but to introduce herself to her new community of ... well, refugees, lily figured something a little less to-the-point was more appropriate.

information is needed. and in this world, there are so many different people, people who are living openly, that it doesn't seem that magic is so taboo here as it is in the muggle world back home. it's almost refreshing, really, but it also leads lily to a question: ]

This entire world is miraculous, isn't it?

[ literally. figuratively. metaphorically. she's breathing, isn't she? ]

I'm new, here -- I'm sure a lot of other people are going to say the same thing in the coming weeks, and I know people who have been here for longer than I have are probably tired of the questions. [ tough shit is what she wants to say, but ah well. ] My name is Lily, and I come from a world where there are a lot of different types of people, too. I'm not sure how many skills or talents I have that will be useful to any of you, but I do want to know -- how many of you believe in, or practice, magic?

[ that's it. that's her question. but after figuring that that blunt question might lead the suspicious to not really want to answer, she continues. it's a risk, and it feels odd saying it -- but after seeing so many different people, and watching the network closely, she figures it's a risk that could probably pay off in spades: ]

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

[ lily potter will make ice sculptures out of rain puddles all day if it means someone will give her something to do, thanks. ]
priorly: (➣ figment)
[personal profile] priorly
[This post is made at around 3am, and Prior appears to be curled in a corner of his bathroom floor, in a pink cardigan and floral PJs.]

Forgive my intrusion on what, I am told, is a highly complex network of cups and strings... has anyone else been assigned to an empty house? Quite, quite empty. Aside from myself, of course, but I'm all moved in now and find I do not, in fact, take up that much room. And it's very quiet, at this time of night. Very quiet. The emptiness becomes somehow moreso. Does that make sense? I'm not sleeping very well.

[He's not doing much very well, by the slightly shivery look of him. Although it is cold on the bathroom floor, and perhaps that's at least part of the cause.]

Though I can't deny the extra space is a boon. Very handy for storing all the nothing I have to fill it with. Would anyone like to go antiquing? If we're lucky we may even find something here that doesn't look archaic.

Speaking of looking for things. I hear there's no hospital. Do we have pharmacies? I have prescriptions from my own world which will run out soon and I don't know the best course of action to take. This city can't, surely, be all cons and no mod. Are there ballrooms? Movie theatres? I know there's an entertainment district but haven't yet ventured out that far. I suppose a bar with a rainbow flag in the window would be too much to ask for.

[Swallowing, he glances down, feeling the glare of being on camera and saying too much.]

Perhaps I should set something up downstairs. At the very least, I have the room.

[He reaches out, and the screen goes black.]
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