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Name:ᴇʟ nysa ▶ a multifandom rpg
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      It won't be just any storm; it's one that demolishes the fabrics of space and time, that antagonizes all known laws of physics. The storm is coming, and you'll see it before it hits. Three days of darkness engulf your world. A dark cloud looms over your planet, and there is no escape from its weight over your everyday life.

      That is when they'll come to collect you. Perhaps in mythology, you'd have known them as the reapers. Here, their technical title is simply: Natha Orbiters.

      The Natha Orbiters are a group of omnipotent celestial observers that have been collecting endangered species from various galaxies, across time and space. For millions of years, they have preserved life in all forms, gathering and introducing them to their small planet, El Nysa, which orbits around a red dwarf sun in a faraway galaxy. Life on their young El Nysa has sprung beautifully since the First Great Intervention, but their work continues as worlds continue to succumb to The Storm.

      Thus, the Natha are giving you a chance at a new life within their planet. You couldn't possibly have come at a better time. While the galaxies are bracing themselves for The Storm, another kind of squall is on the horizon of El Nysa. Civil unrest. War. Factions. The Natha want you, humanoid species of various origins, to migrate to their planet, integrate yourself, and help influence the people toward something better. Perhaps you will, perhaps you won't. Perhaps you just want to live. Maybe peacekeeping just isn't your cup of tea. Fortunately, the Natha aren't there to intervene. But, they are watching.

      After all, they have bigger problems to take care of.
      [community profile] elnysa is a panfandom, adult science-fiction RPG that circles around an Armageddon of the worlds. Characters are introduced to a group of observers known as the Natha Orbiters, who not only intend to preserve life, but to integrate you to their planet of El Nysa, where they hope your diverse experiences will help their Nysan people. This is a build-your-own-adventure game with smut opt-ins, as the Nysan are sex-positive and will be encouraging its people to participate in various ways.

      While the game allows for a lot of player freedom and relies on player action and consequences, there is an overarching plot that involves the tension between the ever dividing Nysan Empires, of the Nysan people and the Natha Orbiters whom are regarded as invisible gods, and outside hostile forces from the depths of space that wish to make El Nysa their own.

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