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earthy: (173)
[personal profile] earthy
[It takes Terra a little while to report to the network. He knows he needs to — he can't just keep this information to himself — but he's not really eager to talk about what happened.

He finally just forces himself to sit down and turn on the device.]

... Hello. I'm Terra. I've never put up one of these messages before. If I do something wrong, let me know.

[With a deep, steadying breath, he gets on with it.]

I tracked down another one of the... 'M' people. She told me a couple things that I think might be important.

Uh... For starters, this 'M' group is apparently pretty big. She claimed my catching her wasn't going to stop anything, that there are too many of them... out there somewhere, I guess, carrying on doing whatever it is they're trying to do. Maybe she was just bluffing. Or maybe we're going to be dealing with these people for a while...

Anyway, then she went on to mention their leader. 'The guy at the top of all this.' I thought it was that Shady Man... S-8, but no, it's someone else. She didn't know his name. Said he's really into birds, though? And that he looks like a... normal person.

She told me that this leader has a hideout but that it moves around a lot. Moves around constantly... is what she said. It was in the Theatre District here in Olympia last, but she was sure it had already been moved again...

[He trails off at that and keeps quiet a moment.]

That's about it. All she would tell me.

[Another pause, this one a bit longer than the last.]

Her name was Gnome.
lahaine: (10.)
[personal profile] lahaine
Ufufufu~ it seems like a lot of you are desperate for some help... [ The provocative laughter seemed to echo as the dragon witch spoke. A bored sounding tone followed. ] ...A cure for that disgusting sickness.

[ Get the facts first. You can distort them later. That was how it worked, right? One had to wonder if she really was telling the truth about knowing anything at all. The silence was broken. ]

While you sit there uselessly stewing in your disease, I made quick work of something else. [ Like hell she would call whatever that rodent was a person. ] Before the vermin was reduced to ash, it enlightened me on a few things.

Rejoice, garbage - for I will share them with you. [ With her sharp tongue and disrespectful words, one had to wonder why she was doing this. Maybe she was lying, maybe she was bored...or maybe she just knew someone who was sick and this was an indirect way of helping... ]

The disease was manufactured by the Institute, stolen, and released... hahahah...obviously. Part of the cure is a stupid plant - the Yuwi flower, is what was mentioned. [ Fingers drumming on some sort of surface can be heard as she goes quiet. That was all she knew. ]

Well, I have long proved my competency among you morons, what have you done? Better get to doing something! Hahahahah!
unpromising: (058)
[personal profile] unpromising
Hey. My name's Qrow.

[ A familiar greeting, not that anybody is familiar with him! His voice is gruff and tired, but that's his everyday voice. ]

That guy everyone's been chasing after is dead. [ A slight pause, and in a softer tone: ] Killed himself.

He gave some details to the cure, though. Said that we need a plant called the Oshai Leaf for it, and it can only be found in Wyver.

Wyver's been hit with the same disease, too. No idea what the situation's like there, but they can't find the cure for it either. Another ingredient for the cure can only be found here.

That's all I know. If you've got questions, ask. I'll try to answer 'em.

[ The sound of liquid hitting metal can be heard, but that's just him moving his flask closer to his mouth. ]
congratulating: (pic#11742680)
[personal profile] congratulating
[ This has been an emotionally draining few weeks for Rin. He notes how tired she just even though she refused to outright display any weakness in front of him. Kirei is fully aware that her title of sixth head of Tohsaka family has forced her to keep contact with him -- and by extension, Jeanne Alter.

As her legal guardian, he is aware he should do something to lower her unease and stress.
Yes, he could buy her some small trinket with the small amount of silver he has acquired. It would help to ease the tension between them a marginal some but still --

Or, he could buy something he knows she is obligated to take that purposely puts stress on her. Yes, he knows what he is going to do, but likes pretend there was another option. ]

Pardon me, everyone. I am attempting to buy a gift for one of my housemates, as it were.

I have only ever bought her gifts for birthdays and holidays and so I have no idea what to get for a 'just because.' Normally, I would think a new cellphone would be a kind gift but... well, I doubt I will find that here. In any case, what would be best?

[ Unless someone knows something he does not. ]
tummyflowers: (Nice job)
[personal profile] tummyflowers
[On the feed appears a man! No, not a man, a king. And his username is real_life_actual_king, since that's kind of important. Although often an informal unit, Richard is decked out in the standard issue armor and helmet of the Royal Guard. It's polished to perfection. He clears his throat.]

Hello all, it's me. I'm Kind Richard with the disclaimer that the name is intentionally ironic. I've just returned from the beach, which was just fantastic. I had a great time, all around. Never did get to see that fighting pit I kept hearing about, but a really good time altogether. And how about that train, am I right? Talk about posh.

Anyway, I wanted to give people a bit of a heads up. I'm with the Royal Guard and by now, kind of a venerated veteran of sorts, I wanted to let people know that we are still recruiting. Mind you, I'm not doing the recruiting! This is more of an information awareness announcement, since you'll have to speak directly to the Commander. A tad inefficient on her part, I'll grant you, but delegation is not her strongest suit. But you tell them that your old pal Rick sent you and you'll be well on your way to making this city a better, safer place to live. Also, you'll get paid for it, so that's a nice little bonus as well. Once you're in, you can have a talk with me. I run the armory, so I'll get you hooked up with the same kind of trendy fashion you see on display right now.

Now, unrelated to this whole business of being a guard, I wanted to open the floor to people who may have had experiences like I have had. If you've recently loss your kingdom and seat of power and been reduced to living the life of a meaningless and inconsequential peasant, then you're talking to someone who's been there. It's not easy, believe me. I've gone through a number of musical numbers just trying to cope with it. But if you need someone to talk to, then I'm there for you. You don't have to suffer alone anymore.

I think that's about it. Now, how the hell do I stop this from recording? Is this it?

Ah, good. That was easier than I thought. I think I did pretty well with the whole psycho-therapeutic mentoring thing there at the end, eh Tad Cooper? Really inspired some hope in those poor hopeless sods. Hm? The light's still on? Oh hell.

Maybe if I just... and then... okay, I'll just-!

[And like that, the message ends. Finally.]
panzersoldat: (5)
[personal profile] panzersoldat
[The message opens up to a rather large older man. He sits in some living room in the housing district. Behind him sits a very very large suit of armor. It's clearly seen much better days. In fact, it looks like it's being held together by duct tape and gum..and is that a hubcap welded in to patch it? Probably.

He looks very serious as he starts his message.]

Hallo. I am Reinhardt Wilhelm. And I am in need of a person with mechanical know-how. As you see, my armor has seen many battles and if it comes to it, I would like to ensure that it sees many more. The young lady who helped me maintain it in the squire...she... well, she's still asleep. Which means that I am short a valuable person.

I would like to take on a squire. A person that can help me maintain my armor. Fix it when I break it and assist in fixing me when I break me. They must have both skill in forging, metallurgy, repairs as well as know some electronics and a small bit of rocket science. [ Yep. Still totally serious about that too ] My biggest requirement is that whoever helps me with my armor has a heart that loves justice and a willingness to help the people for little or no monetary rewards.

If anyone fits the bill, please inquire within and we can discuss further.

Thank you for your time.
unweave: (pic#11729502)
[personal profile] unweave
[ The feed picks up with a slight buzz of static. The visuals over the network focus on a waist-up shot of Aranea who isn't looking too hot. Not only is her face bruised (healing black eye, slightly swollen nose and busted lip), but there is a bandage pack poking out from under her top. ]

Don't want to waste anyone's time — there's enough stupid messages coming across this every day and I don't want to add to it.

My names Aranea Highwind and I'm recruiting for a mercenary group — odd jobs, monster hunts, personal protection, and the like. I'm willing to give a large cut on jobs I get in, bordering 65%. Tough sons of a bitches please apply and those looking for their problems to be solved? I'm your gal.

[ I mean, even now she's confident with a sly smirk plastered on her face. This is the most blunt ass sales pitch ever? But — ]

You can't trust everyone you meet here, some people will literally stab you. [ She nudges the view to her hip, but rolls her eyes as the camera gets back to her. ] But, there's still people wanting to help out. Why waste your time at that shitty fight club when you can make a difference and get paid for it? Think about it.
rhygret: (i approve)
[personal profile] rhygret
Sooo a while back I put in a little bit of a request with our alien overlord hosts. And shockingly enough it not only came through, it was actually what I asked for! Crazy right? Turns out good things happen to not-so-great people after all, which, obviously I don't mean me. I'm amazing.

Anyway what I got was this really awesome game from back home called "Bunkers & Badasses". So awesome in fact that there's still a copy of it even after the universe was destroyed which I feel is pretty indicative of the sheer levels of awesomeness we're dealing with here.

I don't know if any of you guys had tabletop back home but basically you create a character by choosing your fantasy race and class, and then you go on adventures and roll a bunch of dice! Bunker Teams are best in groups of four but being the utterly amazing Bunker Master I am, I'm willing to accommodate anyone who's interested in playing through a short campaign or two. The rules aren't too hard and making a character is easy.

I'm thinking maybe in the next two weeks or so? Let me know if you're interested or have any questions.

[ ooc; this is the IC post for the IC game of D&D! For more information check out this post about joining c: anyone and everyone is free to jump on in. The log will probably go up on or around October 6th! ]
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