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[Video] Seeking skilled mechanic - UN: Crusaser08

[The message opens up to a rather large older man. He sits in some living room in the housing district. Behind him sits a very very large suit of armor. It's clearly seen much better days. In fact, it looks like it's being held together by duct tape and gum..and is that a hubcap welded in to patch it? Probably.

He looks very serious as he starts his message.]

Hallo. I am Reinhardt Wilhelm. And I am in need of a person with mechanical know-how. As you see, my armor has seen many battles and if it comes to it, I would like to ensure that it sees many more. The young lady who helped me maintain it in the squire...she... well, she's still asleep. Which means that I am short a valuable person.

I would like to take on a squire. A person that can help me maintain my armor. Fix it when I break it and assist in fixing me when I break me. They must have both skill in forging, metallurgy, repairs as well as know some electronics and a small bit of rocket science. [ Yep. Still totally serious about that too ] My biggest requirement is that whoever helps me with my armor has a heart that loves justice and a willingness to help the people for little or no monetary rewards.

If anyone fits the bill, please inquire within and we can discuss further.

Thank you for your time.
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I don't know anything about metalworking or fixing armor, but if you've got any cybernetics in there I could give tinkering with them a shot. Fixed up my own arm pretty good when it wasn't looking so hot.

It's cybernetic, for the record. Just in case it seemed like I was talking about a regular one.

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you're not kidding

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I can do almost all of those things, but I'm wholly against indentured servitude.

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that fucking icon omg

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Aw, shucks. I totally fit the bill, except being called a squire sounds pretty lame.

[ Now that he's here and can actually take a "break" from what his life was back in Remnant, he figures he can go back to his old ways. In this case, it's making armour and weapons. It might actually be fun.

He doesn't want to be called a squire, though. ]

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I can have a look, but I already got a job, so I'm not interested in the position.

[ still, justice and helping people? he sounds all right, and poe would be happy to help out in his spare time. ]

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Holy shit, dude. You're fucking huge. How the heck did you get that big?

[The top, number one, question here.]

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[ ... that is the coolest thing Jade's seen. ]

thats just like in the animes hehehe

hmm well it just so happens that i like to dabble in rather advanced gadgetry!
and it may not be rocket science but i have a bit of a knack for nuclear physics

if you already have someone more capable helping you i think i would like to meet your squire
when she wakes up that is
it sounds like she and i would have quite a lot in common, how old is she??
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I can help with the repairs, electronics, and rocket science!

I haven't had much experience with forging and metallurgy, but I'd be willing to learn.

[ It sounds fascinating. The armor, anyway. ]

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definitely still interested!

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Okay, what if there was a candidate who has a heart that loves justice and he also loves helping people... and he likes money a little... and he's really into rockets, and he doesn't know what metal-allergy is, but thinks it sounds like being allergic to metal?

Could he maybe have a job.

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8) good!!!

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I can't help you, but I wanted to say that it looks gorgeous

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No monetary rewards? You're expecting someone to work on your armor out of the kindness of their own heart?

[ ...she's admittedly drawn to the idea of fixing up mechanical parts and electronics, but if the blobfish had instilled a singular lesson in her all of those years in starvation mode on jakku, it's that nothing is for free. ]
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wow, okay, thats a... thats some suit, Rein

( no wonder you are built like a wall, you'd have to be to wear that thing! )

i can help you with repairs, probably? but id uh... have to take a proper look at it first.

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stop this its too cute

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[Wow, what the heck. That is a pretty major suit of armor there.]

What kind of armor is that? I've never seen anything like it.

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[Unless this screen is lying to him (and it might be, Zev's not one to trust the thing even now), that's a whole lotta man up there. And as fascinating as the armor is--and it is fascinating--he's more interested in the man who claims to wield it.

He'll even be a good boy and refrain from immediately hitting on him. We'll see how long that lasts.

You are a knight, then? May I ask what order you belong to?