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A few things:

[ Exile doesn't waste time with pleasantries. She's sure they're all thrilled to be here and there's probably more than enough whining and nonsensical banter going on. Good times, thanks but no thanks. ]

So, how many of us are here? At all? And how many of is are out of the pods? Does anybody keep a tally?

Besides that, I know there are some Force sensitives out and about. You've probably felt me, too. You know that feeling of dread and despair that permeates the walls sometimes? That's me. I'd be interested in hearing about the state of the galaxy from where and when you're from.

[ Her main reason to know who's who is to avoid them, of course. She can't help but feel like she needs to keep tabs on anyone that might be a danger to others though. ]

And lastly: card games. Show me yours and I'll show you mine.
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[ The feed picks up with a slight buzz of static. The visuals over the network focus on a waist-up shot of Aranea who isn't looking too hot. Not only is her face bruised (healing black eye, slightly swollen nose and busted lip), but there is a bandage pack poking out from under her top. ]

Don't want to waste anyone's time — there's enough stupid messages coming across this every day and I don't want to add to it.

My names Aranea Highwind and I'm recruiting for a mercenary group — odd jobs, monster hunts, personal protection, and the like. I'm willing to give a large cut on jobs I get in, bordering 65%. Tough sons of a bitches please apply and those looking for their problems to be solved? I'm your gal.

[ I mean, even now she's confident with a sly smirk plastered on her face. This is the most blunt ass sales pitch ever? But — ]

You can't trust everyone you meet here, some people will literally stab you. [ She nudges the view to her hip, but rolls her eyes as the camera gets back to her. ] But, there's still people wanting to help out. Why waste your time at that shitty fight club when you can make a difference and get paid for it? Think about it.
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