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cwiclac: (six.)
[personal profile] cwiclac
[ lily potter has had something of a jarring entrance into el nysa, and has remained relatively quiet since her arrival. she's spent most of the time with her ragtag family in some sort of attempt to parse through everything that had happened. and, honestly -- lily hasn't managed to do that. she isn't entirely sure whether or not she could ever do that.

but sitting around and doing nothing is also definitely not her style. she needs to be proactive, to find her spot in this new world. get information, learn how to adapt and survive, and try to get through everything that has happened.

even in times of peace, war is still the predominating factor in how she tries to analyze what in the actual hell has happened.

so lily (a young twenty-something-year-old with a huge amount of red hair and green eyes) presents as tired, but with color in her cheeks and a brightness in her eyes. she's noticed some people have been asking for jobs, and lily knows that she needs to do that eventually, too -- but to introduce herself to her new community of ... well, refugees, lily figured something a little less to-the-point was more appropriate.

information is needed. and in this world, there are so many different people, people who are living openly, that it doesn't seem that magic is so taboo here as it is in the muggle world back home. it's almost refreshing, really, but it also leads lily to a question: ]

This entire world is miraculous, isn't it?

[ literally. figuratively. metaphorically. she's breathing, isn't she? ]

I'm new, here -- I'm sure a lot of other people are going to say the same thing in the coming weeks, and I know people who have been here for longer than I have are probably tired of the questions. [ tough shit is what she wants to say, but ah well. ] My name is Lily, and I come from a world where there are a lot of different types of people, too. I'm not sure how many skills or talents I have that will be useful to any of you, but I do want to know -- how many of you believe in, or practice, magic?

[ that's it. that's her question. but after figuring that that blunt question might lead the suspicious to not really want to answer, she continues. it's a risk, and it feels odd saying it -- but after seeing so many different people, and watching the network closely, she figures it's a risk that could probably pay off in spades: ]

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

[ lily potter will make ice sculptures out of rain puddles all day if it means someone will give her something to do, thanks. ]
unweave: (pic#11729502)
[personal profile] unweave
[ The feed picks up with a slight buzz of static. The visuals over the network focus on a waist-up shot of Aranea who isn't looking too hot. Not only is her face bruised (healing black eye, slightly swollen nose and busted lip), but there is a bandage pack poking out from under her top. ]

Don't want to waste anyone's time — there's enough stupid messages coming across this every day and I don't want to add to it.

My names Aranea Highwind and I'm recruiting for a mercenary group — odd jobs, monster hunts, personal protection, and the like. I'm willing to give a large cut on jobs I get in, bordering 65%. Tough sons of a bitches please apply and those looking for their problems to be solved? I'm your gal.

[ I mean, even now she's confident with a sly smirk plastered on her face. This is the most blunt ass sales pitch ever? But — ]

You can't trust everyone you meet here, some people will literally stab you. [ She nudges the view to her hip, but rolls her eyes as the camera gets back to her. ] But, there's still people wanting to help out. Why waste your time at that shitty fight club when you can make a difference and get paid for it? Think about it.
ayes: (pic#11471762)
[personal profile] ayes
Hell-o~! [The voice cheerfully greeting you comes from a girl who you may have seen manning a grill and serving up delicious noodles at the beach a while back.

You waves enthusiastically at the camera.]
Wasn't the party fun?! Ahhhh, it just feels so much better sending summer off right! Thanks to everyone who showed up! You should also totally go eat at all the restaurants and vendors in the market who brought all the food and drink and stuff!

Um, if anyone wants some watermelons, I have a few left over that I don't really know what to do with. Keyleth helped me grow a lot of them, and I think I asked for more than we needed. So if you want some, you can let me know here or stop in at the Silk Wyrm, the tailor shop I work at!

So, anyone have any ideas for next year's party? I wanna make it even better!
enarms: (pic#11699515)
[personal profile] enarms
Hi all. John Watson.

I'm with the original batch of refugees and there's a lot of you I haven't met - a lot I probably never will. [ at this point, with everything so permanently Wild, why not be blase about being Batch Number 1? ] As a doctor, I'd like to reassure and remind you that if the medical methods on offer here make you uncomfortable, there are alternatives. There are plenty of medical professionals from various backgrounds among us, so I encourage you to ask around if you need to. Don't feel like the Sanctuary's your only option - although from what I understand a lot of us do work there now, so it's also a safe place to go even if you are wary.

On that note, I'm putting together a list— yeah, I know we all hate the L word, don't panic —of people who are either medically trained or capable of healing magic. If you fit into that, anywhere from an ability to deliver first aid to, I don't know-- magical liposuction. [ this is a thing he regrets saying as soon as it's said, the immediate frown of "??? why the fuck" appears on his face literally immediately before being smoothed forcibly away ] Get in touch. I'll need to know a few basics. Skillset, medical background, level of expertise, whether or not you're comfortable to be contacted by fellow refugees, whether or not you're comfortable to be contacted to help in an emergency. You don't need to fire it all at me in one go unless you want to, we'll have a chat. Feel free to reply privately, that's fine. Replying doesn't immediately put you on a public database, I won't be handing out your name to anybody without your permission. Thanks.

[ aaaaand with a brief pause to consider if there's anything else to add, a small hand-lift of a wave to the camera when he decides there isn't, it's John out ]

( ooc: please input your medically trained/magical healer/therapist/etc character's info into this spreadsheet if you're interested in having your character contacted for medical shenanigans! It's fine to respond to the spreadsheet without replying to this post, but ICly your character will have needed to make themselves known to John somehow to end up on this list, so we can handwave it (default, no contact necessary) or you can get in touch to work out the details! )
wondie: (90)
[personal profile] wondie
[ username: Diana ]

( it's not been horribly long since Diana poked around the network, and surprise surprise, she's still ignoring the fact there is a voice and text function. she will look upon the faces of those she speaks to, tyvm!

she's dressed in the dark black of the city guard, her hair pinned up and a sparkling brooch at her cloak, though her fingers are already toying with it as she speaks.

I see that our numbers have grown greater. My name is Diana of Themyscira, and I bid you all welcome, both faces old and new. If you need aide during your displacement, then I offer what knowledge I have. You need but ask.

( that said, it's not exactly why she's here, though her note is just as important with so many more that might need to learn how to protect themselves. )

It has come to my attention that there are many in our midst that know little in the way of defense. Or, perhaps not enough, in a world with so many dangers lingering just out of sight. It troubles me to think that there are those that may not know how to protect themselves, especially if they possess a desire to learn.

( which brings her to her purpose, an important one at that. Diana seems gifted at finding herself a purpose. )

I am an amazon, well trained in the art of war. Archery, swordplay, use of a shield, riding, hand to hand, more. If there are those that would learn, I would be happy to show what I know. It will not be simple, and the training will be difficult. Still, if you would learn, I will make you an amazon. This is more than a style of defense, it is a family. You will gain both if you learn from me.

( her piece said, Diana crosses her arms. )

If you need more information, ask what you will.
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