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Video | UN: Nocturne

[He stands before the camera, arms open wide.]

Alright, I give, I'm bored. I can't concentrate at all today. Every composition sounds like crap and I've had enough!

[He sighs, he doesn't really know how to deal with boredom]

Any suggestions on something I can do that doesn't involve sneaking back up to look at the sleeping people and doesn't cost much money. I only have a part-time job so you know, I'm not exactly rich here!

[Demyx shakes his head a little.]

What do normal people do when they can't work on what they're doing anymore?
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text; un: lefty

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plot the perfect murder

[He's probably making a joke?]
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now that's confidence if I've ever seen it
plot the perfect defense case for yourself in the event you're caught for the murder you thought was perfect
just in case that confidence is overconfidence

[Hey, one can't ever be too careful in their fantasy murders.]
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[Video] un: kale

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Composition? Y-you're a musician?

[It's probably a stupid question and she's tempted to turn her device off before she further embarrasses herself, but this is a good way to talk to people without having to deal with them right in person. Baby steps.]
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Maybe you should play some songs for everyone here on the network? If you practice that much, you're probably really good.


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un: dualhound

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id: killjoy

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get drunk

[ that costs money but eh, details. ]
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Then it's high time.

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As far as I know, walking is still free.
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this was meant to be video...

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[We'll just ignore the Courier, yes?]

I will admit, there aren't a great many free establishments. Parks and the library, mostly, and there are museums and the like. Tickets can be purchased for a nominal fee, but all would require at least a little walking.

There's the-- [Zev wrinkles his nose.] forgive me, I keep forgetting what it's called...The ah, picture box? Vision...something. Like these, but a bit larger, and you can only receive.

It's probably obvious I don't use it much.

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video; un: OKUMURA1

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Composition? You an author or something?

[ Close, but no cigar... ]

Ya totally don't look like the bookish type.
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Oh, that kind of composition...

[ He just...glances over his whole look... ]

Do they even have that instrument here? Or did they let ya keep yours?

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voice, un: endsoftheearth

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[Terra answers flatly. Quality advice there. Real useful. And then, apropos of nothing-]

What's a Nobody?
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Heartless and Nobody... When you lose your heart... [He may or may not be taking notes. Terra figured he'd have a lot to learn here, about the Natha and El Nysa, about the Refugees settling in this world, but he never expected to find out there are some big things he doesn't know about his own universe.]

You mean... remove your heart? [If the Orbiters had saved him a minute earlier than they did, that probably wouldn't be his first thought.] Or lose it to darkness? ... Have it stolen from you?

[More than one way to skin a cat. Or make a Nobody.]

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