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TEXT | ANON: SHOCKING truth about refugees that the Natha won't tell you Mind= Blown

[ Since coming to the conclusion that yes, she absolutely died before arriving here, as did her late (though still sleeping) father, Angel has been plagued with the question of why. Why was she brought back? What was he, of all people brought back? She needs more information on the matter, she needs more data. An anon survey with a clickbait title will hopefully at least give her somewhere to start. ]

Zombies walk among us: are you one of those who were certain you had died? Last memories of your world your impending doom? Or did you wake up to find a sleeping loved one (or enemy) beside you who was six feet under last you saw them? If either of these apply to you, comment here with how it happened and why you believe you've (or they) have been brought back.

Submitting information will make you eligible for a free* cruise!

*Only applicable with full answers to the surveys questions. Answers longer than one (1) character are no longer eligible.
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Nice small print
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Nice fine print. I wish everyone luck in winning that free cruise.
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[Kay, so. About that free cruise---]
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Aren't all our last memories of our worlds of our impending doom? I somehow thought that was the point.

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[ he's going to be facetious with this so-called fine print. how much can one character express?

(and hey, maybe he's a little bored) ]


[ it is truly a deep metaphor. ]
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You seem paranoid.

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People can really be brought back?

[ His mind turns immediately toward Lenny. Would she be given a body of her own, or would it be Farouk's body? Would he even be able to find her then? The thought spikes his anxiety enough to have him wondering if he shouldn't return to the Station and resume searching. ]

Last thing I remember is being scanned by some kind of aerial drone and then nothing.
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'Zombies' do walk among you.

[ Not the preferred term, though. ]
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[Isn't it great that she isn't hurting for a cruise, huh...]

Where does "other version of myself being dead in their original world" fit into this?

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I'll won't bother touching on the obvious fine print shenanigans, as pthers have already beaten me to the punch.
But in the interest of contributing to the conversation and potentially further understanding our situation, I'll bite:
I can very clearly remember dying twice.
With distressing clarity, even.
Neither of these incidents were my last memories before the Storm hit, however, so we may be talking about entirely different phenomena.
What you're describing seems more like a demonstration of the extent of out hosts' abilities.
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Not dead personally but I did have a ragtag gang of actual zombies who was following me around. Does that count?
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Many forms of life have found their own means to reverse death or avoid it completely. I have died many times. I would not be surprised if those who brought us here have found their own way to perform a kind of resurrection.
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[The likelihood of Zevran clicking on a clickbait article is always 100%. Comes with the "never seen clickbait before" territory.]

If some of our number are zombies, they're the most lively zombies I have ever met.

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[ welp. ]

What makes you think it isn't certain?
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Real creative title there. Good to see that people who still use clickbait managed to be saved despite better, more obvious, choices.

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And what are you going to do with these answers, once you've got them.

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Why should people trust you with that information?

[ back from the dead. impossible. but strand is going to collect information regardless, and he's examining the inputs as are the rest of them. ]
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I know of two people who had died and woke up here.

They weren't any different than they were when they were alive, aside from one of them remembering his death.