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axiomed: (From the work of sorrow)
[personal profile] axiomed
I feel as a group of people, we've gone over many of the logistics, the fears and the desire to connect with others. We carry within ourselves, a world that may be long gone but continues to breathe in our hearts and I hope we can bring what is best of all our worlds together.

So my question is this: What kind of plans do you have for yourself? What kind of future do you hope to achieve?

Perhaps by working together, we can all come closer to our goals.
goldsteins: (0010013)
[personal profile] goldsteins
Good afternoon.

Since our arrival on Thesa Station it's undeniable a lot has taken course. We're now well into a month on the surface proper and I can't say we have much more to say for it. Well, short of several conversations on murder and questions on individual tastes.

Enlightening though I am sure some of those conversations were, there's also some other things we as a group may wish to discuss. Although it became quite a controversy situation in the end, the idea of preparing for any potential characters who would do harm to not only us Refugees but the natives here is something to certainly keep in mind. As we cannot say that we come from a place elsewhere, where these people had control, it's up to us as a group to keep a handle on that.

No, I'm not proposing a hit list of any sort. That's insane. And given the earlier conversations on the matter is only going to end in people up in arms. I don't think any of us here are under any false impressions that someone is going to stay in the pods up there or we're not going to face something more. And what with the recent listings and those observing our skills it might do for us to know what each other are capable of.

If we have a list we can propose groups for when something strikes again; Perhaps another drop from the sky or something such as combat or healing skills that the natives would misunderstand and take too lightly. Just from the past month here, suffice it to say, some of our capabilities include medical knowledge and strength that may not be common at all here.

[Especially in the former, but she's yet to see people who can stop things with their bare hands recently either here.]

Needless to say this is not at all mandated and everyone has their secrets they do not wish to share, but if there's skills you are willing to share with others and possibly be grouped with should the situation arise I believe now is a good time to do it. A name, profession, and known skills (magical or otherwise), and what you feel capable of during high-stress situations will suffice. What level of technology, if any, you are knowledgeable of my also be of use as there are those who may use a bow, but never more than that and vice versa.

Similarly, though no hit list will be made if there is someone asleep, or even awake, you're wary of or a situation you think may come and wish to prepare for. This can be used for civil conversations to discuss matters or propose what may be done.

As for myself, it would be unfair to request anyone to answer without providing information of my own. My name is Porpentina Goldstein, but please address me as Tina. In my own world my profession is that of an Auror. Someone's equated it to a police officer which will have to do for the easiest description of it. But while we captured criminals we were the first to go to fight against undesirables. I came from early 1927 in New York City, for those whom it means anything to.

While I do not keep up with the social conversations on this thing, I do try to keep updated on what is said. Should you need any help I will always do my best.
song_of_ice: ([Jon] Noble Pose)
[personal profile] song_of_ice
[With the matter of jobs settled, there was less on his mind and less focus on how he would survive. With more time on his hands, he was able to turn to helping the rest of the survivors, especially those that he had spoken to. Whatever reason they had been brought here, they needed to band together to survive.]

I know not everyone present has had to learn combat or come from places that are generally peaceful. Whether or not we stay in this city or travel somewhere more dangerous, it is wise to learn how to protect yourselves.

For those that have an interest, I practice and train in the courtyard among the other guards. If you want to wield a blade or understand basic defense, come and meet me there. I will teach and train you.
burglarize: (pic#11593964)
[personal profile] burglarize
[ After the murmurs of job opportunities began to mix through the idle chit chat of the refugees, Ann wanted to get a few questions out to the people who may or may not have already started work. ]

Soooo... this whole jobs thing...
It's not as easy as it seems, right? I know we're suppose to work our asses off to make sure they keep the people in Thesa safe, but — has anyone had experience working with something like... that? Guards, scholars, and uh... adult workers.... It all sounds like some weird characters from a fantasy novel or something. Cliche, but given the past few weeks? Totally legit.

I guess I'm wanting to ask: how are you knowing you're a good "fit" for one of these jobs? Back home, I was...

[ She wants to say model, but she doesn't really give the deets too much. ]

Let's just say the closest I got to any of these kind of jobs were reading Shakespeare in school.

If you know of any normal jobs or have any pointers on talking with the recruiters, let me know!!! My skills include fashion, picking good places to eat, and persevering through unlikely circumstances! o(^▽^)o
nysan: (LYSA.)
[personal profile] nysan

To all my sweet children of Olympia, young and old. I know that there is good in so many of you. I have seen it with my own two eyes, and there is nothing more beautiful to me than a kind heart and a pair of gentle hands. This is why I am writing today; in good faith that you will heed my simple plea.

The Sanctuary needs help, and most urgently. As the population of Olympia continues to rise, so does our patient load. Everyday, we get more of the sick and wounded coming in - some injured from dangerous encounters in the woods, some poisoned from strange plants, some infected ... Oh, thinking about it makes my heart ache! I know that my poor Daughters are feeling stretched thin. I do not want them to fall ill from the exhaustion, and that is why I am opening my doors to new additions to our family.

We are seeking people for many different types of work. Currently, we need: Physicians, to treat patients. Nurses, to tend to the needs of the sick as they lay in their beds. Potion-makers, to help mix potions and procure the needed ingredients. Kitchen-workers, to provide the sick with their much-needed sustenance. And, lastly, housekeepers, to keep the facility in tip-top shape. Every role is vital for The Sanctuary's continued operations, and any sort of help is greatly appreciated.

Please do not apply if it is riches you seek, because you will not get any. The Sanctuary is not an establishment driven by profit. I am seeking only individuals with a sincere desire to help others. If you are chosen, you will become a Daughter of mine, and one that I will cherish. You should expect: a fair salary, access to potion-making resources, and immediate care for your ailments at absolutely no cost. Unlike certain other employers you may find in Olympia, I take care of my own.

You may contact me personally if you are interested.

OOC NOTES: If your characters are interested in obtaining any of these jobs on the bulletin, they can ICly contact the appropriate person! There are also many other jobs that are available and have notices for employment, but you are free to handwave minor jobs! For now, characters may only pick up one NPC-headed job. Remember that characters should be creative (AKA: lie) in how they talk about their origins and experience-- bringing up other worlds and/or Thesa Station will end very unproductively.


Aug. 9th, 2017 11:14 pm
wondie: (22)
[personal profile] wondie
[ username: Diana ]

( this is her first appearance on the network, but Diana might be recognizable to some all the same. she was easily spotted wandering the halls of Thesa Station, especially in the halls of the sleeping. considering her height and easy confidence, she does tend to draw attention as she moves around Olympia as well. even if she isn't recognizable, she might be after this.

while she's unused to this method of communication, she's tinkered with it enough to master it. at least enough to accomplish what she means to say. she speaks cleanly, and with clear purpose.

Greetings. I am Diana. ( it's taken some doing, but she did manage to say her name without spitting out titles and who her mom is. someone should give her points for this. ) I come with a request for aide.

Our landing was made in haste, and damage was wrought from the lack of planning. We all remember the scars left on the land, the devices we left behind in our wake.

Considering our work here must be performed in secrecy, I suspect it would be wise to clean up what we can before the residents of this planet find it. Beyond that, we might be able to scrap and make something of the devices we were ejected in, and do something for the destroyed field that softened our landing.

If you would aide me in this, I would have your name. I suspect the sooner we start, the better. If you believe your hands will be of help, then they will be welcome.

( apparently that's it. Diana shuts off the feed without even a goodbye. nice talking to you, Wondie... )
lionhearrt: (Laid back)
[personal profile] lionhearrt
[ The recording turns on showing Mikoto slouched on a couch with a cigarette tucked in his mouth. His jacket's gone, leaving him in a white tee looking a little bored. ]

Where do you report a missing person around here?

[ The person? His roommate. She's been gone a while now leaving the house all to himself, which he does appreciate but he's also wondering what happened to her. He figures the least he can do is report her missing. ]
nysan: (KORALLE.)
[personal profile] nysan
Word on the street is that we've just received some fresh faces in this great city. Well, it is my duty, as the Mistress of the Red Light District, to extend a nice, warm welcome to all of you. The name's Koralle, but I could be your Madame if you wish.

Shades Darker is ever seeking for able-bodied men and women to fill some gaps here at our prestigious brothel. Our models excel at fulfilling the unique needs of our clients, so naturally, interested parties should have a draw of their own. What makes you so desirable, what makes others yearn for you, and what will coerce clients to see you again?

Our models are compensated handsomely for their talents, most certainly. Perhaps you'll gain a reputation among the district, given enough popularity.

Does this arouse your interests...? Perhaps a little curious, even? Give me a call, and we shall arrange for a meeting. Oh, and do prepare to demonstrate. Bring a partner. Groom yourselves well. Experience is quite unnecessary.

Of course, if you're looking for something a little more chaste, there are plenty of other jobs I might offer to the right candidate. I'm looking for experienced bartenders and hosts/hostesses as well. Alternatively, just talk to me, and I'm certain we can find the perfect position that will leave you and I wholesomely satisfied. Even if you're apprehensive, I can be very persuasive, you see.

My line will be open to you starting tomorrow. I look forward to hearing your eager voices, my fledglings...

OOC NOTES: If your characters are interested in obtaining any of these jobs on the bulletin, they can ICly contact the appropriate person starting tomorrow! Lysa, the medicine woman, will also be posting her own bulletin shortly for those who are interested in the clinic. There are also many other jobs that are available and have notices for employment, but you are free to handwave minor jobs! For now, characters may only pick up one NPC-headed job. Remember that characters should be creative (AKA: lie) in how they talk about their origins and experience-- bringing up other worlds and/or Thesa Station will end very unproductively.

nysan: (EVRAS.)
[personal profile] nysan

Do you hunger for a chance to unravel the mysteries of this wonderful world we call El Nysa? Did the origins of last month’s meteor shower captivate your curiosity? Are you self-motivated, intelligent, and willing to take risks for the pursuit of knowledge? If so, read on.

I am Evras, head of the Simwe Institute, and I am accepting applications for talented scientists, engineers, scholars, and potion masters.

The Simwe Institute is a prestigious institution supported and funded by the royal crown. We strive for scholarly excellence worthy of representing her Royal Highness, and employees are expected to uphold this standard. Researchers must be diligent, highly curious, and above all, trustworthy.

Should you be hired, you will be expected to perform tasks that support existing projects. However, proving your loyalty or pitching a worthy idea may grant you freedom to pursue your own curious path within our facilities.

If you are interested, address correspondence directly to me starting tomorrow. Include your name, experience (along with worthy accomplishments), and what you are interested in pursuing. Spare no detail. Questions are fine as well, but I am a busy man, and will ignore foolish calls.

One last thing: this is not a place for the squeamish.

OOC NOTES: If your characters are interested in obtaining any of these jobs on the bulletin, they can ICly contact the appropriate person starting tomorrow! Lysa, the medicine woman, will also be posting her own bulletin shortly for those who are interested in the clinic. There are also many other jobs that are available and have notices for employment, but you are free to handwave minor jobs! For now, characters may only pick up one NPC-headed job. Remember that characters should be creative (AKA: lie) in how they talk about their origins and experience-- bringing up other worlds and/or Thesa Station will end very unproductively.

nysan: (ASHTI.)
[personal profile] nysan

Greetings, all. The hardworking and honest people of Olympia are what makes our city so great. Unfortunately, not everyone in our beloved city holds these same ideals. As more and more people come to call Olympia their home, our crime rates have also unfortunately risen.

We must not let our city fall into the hands of criminals!

If you have what it takes to help keep our streets safe, I, Ashti of the Royal Guard, am interested in YOU. I seek those who are not afraid to serve justice to those who threaten the safety of our citizens.

Duties include responsibilities such as patrolling the streets and businesses at various hours of the day and night, settling civil disputes, subjugating criminals, and capturing possible spies and traitors. You will also be expected to train with fellow guards and new recruits. I need capable and experienced people. Good physical fitness and/or knowledge of combat magic is a must.

If you’re ready to help keep our city safe and prosperous, please contact me starting tomorrow.

OOC NOTES: If your characters are interested in obtaining any of these jobs on the bulletin, they can ICly contact the appropriate person starting tomorrow! Lysa, the medicine woman, will also be posting her own bulletin shortly for those who are interested in the clinic. There are also many other jobs that are available and have notices for employment, but you are free to handwave minor jobs! For now, characters may only pick up one NPC-headed job. Remember that characters should be creative (AKA: lie) in how they talk about their origins and experience-- bringing up other worlds and/or Thesa Station will end very unproductively.

xxxxx: (001)
[personal profile] xxxxx
A few of us have been talking and we're already tired of being broke, so we're wondering what everyone hopes to do here job-wise, what you did before, and how you go about explaining it to the locals if they want to know about your previous floor-sweeping or shelf-stocking experience before allowing you to sweep any floors or stock any shelves. Especially if your job back home was a little more complicated than that.

And have any of them asked any of you for references? Do they actually check them?

Does anybody have any experience with making up false references wholecloth? Can we begin acting as one another’s references?--which is a terribly trust based suggestion, we realise, and so the following question,

Should we design a character test for the sake of honest false reference corroboration? (‘We’ is the general ‘we’ not the ‘we’ asking these questions.) Is there anyone here who is not a reliable hard worker that the rest of us should be sure not to refer for anything?

Before anyone feels the need to point out that unreliable lazy workers will lie: yes, thank you, please see similar discussions following the questions about murder.

[ For the record, this is the product of a phone and its tiny keyboard being passed around among several different curious people. Remus just drew the short straw, because there is no justice in any world, and has to post it. Also, threadjacking super encouraged if you feel the urge. ]
leafwordssuck: icon by Rune (explain a thing)
[personal profile] leafwordssuck
Hey. This isn't one of those 'let's all get to know each other and be best friends' posts. I wanna know what you guys know about telepathy.

[Aoi holds a picture up to the camera. 'Picture' is probably a generous description.]

First, anyone know what this picture is?

Snake, before you even start, I fuckin' KNOW you can't see it, so I'm not asking you.

Don't cheat, just tell me what you think it's supposed to be.

If you're not into pictures, tell me about Archetypes from your world. There was a psychologist on Earth who noticed the same ideas pop up in various cultures that had no contact with one another. I want to see if that collective unconscious spans worlds too. So, I dunno, talk to each other about the legends and fairy tales and holidays and shit from your worlds and lemme know what common threads you find

The Follow-Up Video

[A couple of days later, when it seems like the majority of the people who are gonna weigh in have done so, Aoi makes a follow-up post.]

Alright, I know you all think I was tryin' to psychoanalyze you with the picture I showed you the other day, but trust me, you guys aren't that interesting. There's a right answer to the picture. I'll show you.

[He holds up the original picture and the solution to the screen.]

Some crackpot psychologist did an experiment to test the transference of knowledge through unseen means. He showed a picture like this to a population of people, and the distribution of answers was pretty random, same as you guys'. Then he broadcast the answer to that population. When he went to a to a remote location that had no contact with anyone from Population A. When he showed the same picture, there was a statistically significant increase in the percentage of people who knew the answer.

Even though nobody had consciously shared the information, because more people knew it, the answer was somehow transmitted. So that's the theory of Morphic Resonance.
valcurie: @paw-leena (.31)
[personal profile] valcurie
Hello there! ( the image that appears is of a smiling blonde woman, healthy and bright looking, dressed now in pristine weight to present herself, projecting poise and elegance and friendly invitation to hear her out. her German Swiss accent is quite strong, though, so hopefully no-one is overly attached to their w's. ) I hope everyone is doing well this evening. I am coming onto the network to reach out to anyone I might not have been able to yet. My name is Angela Ziegler, and I am a doctor from Earth. Human, as you can see. ( a light, pleasant laugh and an even more pleasant smile ) You may also know me as Mercy. It's my agent name from when I was in service to a global peacekeeping organisation known as Overwatch.

I'm from the 21st century, so the treatment that I can offer you is science based ( a slight pause here as if she's considering one last time how to phrase this ) rather than magic based, but I have a good deal of practical experience with general medicine so there's almost nothing I haven't seen or dealt with. My expertise is in applied biotics, and I also have experience with gene therapy, prosthetics, and cybernetics, if there is anyone here who may need more specialised care. My qualifications also include emergency and trauma response so, if you ever find yourself wounded and in need of immediate attention, please do not hesitate to contact me. Think of me as personal 999 for refugees!

If you do come to me for any kind of care, I promise to do the best I can help you, while upholding all the oaths I've taken as a doctor to do no harm and to protect my patients. I'm not charging anything at this time.

And, if you'd like to humour me and help me to understand our group a bit better, I have a set of questions: do you believe you have a soul? What makes you think you do or don't have one? And is such a belief common where you're from? ( she doesn't mention religion, because it isn't strictly speaking a religious idea. she's known plenty of atheists and nay-theists who thought there was something beyond intelligence that made people paramount to other species. whether they called this unique internal animating light a soul or not, it didn't really matter. )
ripvanwinkled: (best boy 2)
[personal profile] ripvanwinkled
Good evening, fellow refugees. I go by Snake, and for the sake of preserving whatever culture we have, I have an inquiry. It is by all means optional, but I assure you that I have no malicious intent. You may ask questions of your own if you'd like it to be fair.

[He actually has... more than one question. He made a list. Brace yourselves.]

What sort of music did you listen to, back on your home world? Were their many genres, or did it all sound the same? Are there specific instruments, or was it all electronic? If there are no lyrics, how would you describe it? If there are lyrics, would you like to write them down? ... Did you enjoy it, or are you not the type to consume what must be one of the greatest form of art?

[He might be a little biased. He also has to take a breath, after all that.]

Or, if you would like, simply name a specific song and artist. Covers are acceptable.
hannya: (i feel so extraordinary)
[personal profile] hannya
[After taking two weeks to familiarize himself with the city, Majima doesn't feel all that much less out of his depth than he did when he got there. He's memorized some of the streets and alleys, learned some local lingo, and most importantly, started to scout out some of the clubs in the entertainment district. If he doesn't get a job to occupy himself soon, he's going to go nuts.

He's got some ideas of where to look, but some of the clubs seem a bit more... permissive than he's used to. Majima doesn't quite get the network stuff yet, but it seems like a good place to poll for info.]

So has anyone out there found some decent places to go drinkin' yet? 'Cause if they need bouncers, seems like a good enough way to pay rent eventually.

[His ambitions are slightly higher than that, but always a good way to get a foot in the door if you know how to kick people out of it.]

And I wouldn't mind knowin' what's the closest thing this planet's got to whiskey, either.
uglybug: (she rings like a bell through the night)
[personal profile] uglybug
Hello. I am Mantis. [With that abrupt greeting comes an equally abrupt (and not at all awkward, really!) smile. She's trying. There's a bit of a pause here, as her smile fades a bit, to be replaced by a genuinely contrite expression.] I apologize. I know I have a hideous face. I will not show it here again. I wanted to meet all of you, though.

[And that means face-to-face, you poor unfortunate souls.]

Some of you have asked such interesting questions. I am afraid that I do not have any to ask of you. I wanted to meet you all and introduce myself. [Cue the friendly awkward smile again. She is getting better at it, at least.] Oh! Perhaps you could tell me something about yourself. [A pause, as she tries and fails to think of a more specific question. Then, a little defeated:] Anything at all will do, I suppose.

[She glances downward for just a short moment, uncomfortable and anxious at the attention she's calling toward herself. But it's just that: a short moment, easily mistaken for wandering attention, perhaps.]
crosspear: (★78)
[personal profile] crosspear
Have any of you tried a fruit called the 'doreh'?

[It’s a brief question. Gaius addresses the network early in the morning, hopefully after people have eaten breakfast. There have been a few things on his mind for a while, so he might as well ask now before the network turns to death talk again.]

I spoke with one of the workers on Thesa before coming here, and he shared some with me. It’s a green fruit with several leaves, and it has a bumpy might have seen it before. When you slice into it, the juice is purple. It's delicious and tastes like honey and plum, but...if someone offers you the same fruit in a different color, you might want to be careful. I’ve heard the other colors of doreh have side effects that are...less than desirable.

[How ominous? He seems to know what’s going on, at least.]

With all the conversation topics we've had, I'd also like to ask...were you religious where you're from, or was your world religious? I've visited the temples here, and they're...unique. [It's so hard to pick just one word.] I've been thinking about my own faith...a lot changes when you end up on a different world, doesn't it?

[He pauses for a moment, and then shakes his head slightly.] sounds a little heavy when I phrase it like that, but I'm still interested in hearing about your worlds if I haven't lost you all yet.
enarms: (pic#10248489)
[personal profile] enarms
Can't help but notice it's been a couple of days without anyone talking about murder. Are we all feeling alright?
redsnow: (I'm talking about you in my sleep)
[personal profile] redsnow
Yo, hunnies! And... all of you other guys.

[He starts the video with a flashy wink, trailing off that latter introduction to men before he laughs. He's been watching the network, of course, but actually showing himself on it is something he wants to do more purposefully, and so: here he is.]

I don't know about everyone else, but things are getting way too quiet around here, if you ask me. The best way to get to know each other is to party! So if any cute girls want to have a good time, let's meet up, and I'll buy you a drink!

I guess guys can come, too, since we all saved each other and all. [He dismisses that a little with a wave of his free hand.] Consider it an act of kindness from the great Zelos! Heheh.

Oh yeah, but while I'm waiting... Why don't we take turns asking questions? It's not every day you meet people from another world. [Haha...] So, I'll start! How many of you have elves and half-elves where you're from, and what are they like?

[He flashes a grin despite his reasoning behind that question, and gives a mock salute.] Zelos out!
poolhall_killer: ([Xrd] showing off)
[personal profile] poolhall_killer
[It takes a minute or two to start the feed, but eventually he gets a good angle for him to speak. Have fun talking to a wall of hair.]

Good afternoon. I suppose I should properly introduce myself.

I'm Venom.

[Okay with that out of the way...]



In an attempt to get more familiar with my fellow refugees, I will be exploring the area for a tea shop. If anyone has recommendations, or if you would like to come along, please contact me.

Thank you.
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